Mar 192015
Stocking Milf Saffy Shows Off Her Stockinged Feet In Black Fully-fashioned Nylons

Glamorous British Stocking milf Saffy shows off her shapely legs and sexy feet in black fully-fashioned nylons at Saffy’s Glamour Fetish

Saffy has been a UK glamor and fetish model for over 15 years. She used to have her own amateur site a few years ago, but now she is back with a bang and looking just as hot and sexy as ever in her lingerie, stockings and heels.

Saffy has superb feminine curves and she looks great in a corset or girdle, her shapely legs look incredible in fully-fashioned nylons and spiky stiletto heels. In fact I’d say she is one of the best leggy ladies I have ever seen, and when posing she has a way of accentuating her legs to get the maximum erotic effect.

‘I love nothing more than fully fashioned or RHT nylon stockings, and adore pin-up glamour and retro-vintage styling, sexy lingerie, corsets, girdles and high heels,’ Saffy says. ‘I have tried all kinds of different fetish activities and enjoy being dominant or submissive, girl on girl sex and roleplay, in fact anything kinky and sexy!’

Naturally, Saffy loves to masturbate and you’ll find her using dildos, vibrators and other toys, and not just in her pussy. ‘Yes, I am a big fan of anal sex,’ Saffy confessed. ‘I have a wide range of dildos, vibrators and other toys and masturbate as often as I can, and get off on doing live shows on cam for my fans.’

Saffy welcomes emails from her fans and asks them to write and tell her about any fetish or fantasy they would like her to fulfill. ‘I am always up for trying new things, and if you become a member of my site you can get my private email address so we can chat more.’



Feb 092015
Cute Secretary Flashing Her Hairy Pussy In Vintage Suspenders and Black Nylon Stockings

Naughty secretary Rosie -Ann flashes her hairy puss and and masturbates in suspenders and black nylon stockings in her video at Vintage Flash

Naughty secretary Rosie-Ann loves wearing her vintage clothes and is hoping she’ll impress her new boss with her white flared blouse, pencil skirt and Cuban heeled stockings. She is just so thrilled at how sexy she feels in her sexy, vintage attire, especially knowing she is not wearing any panties under her skirt.

Rosie-Ann practices bending over so her skirt pulls tight around her arse, pressing her legs close together so the seams of her fully-fashioned stockings run straight up from her ankles and heels. She is sure her boss is going to like seeing her bending over to get something out of the filing cabinet, his eyes fixed on her sexy little bum in that tight fitting pencil skirt.

Hopefully, he’ll come up behind and start rubbing his throbbing cock against the cheeks of her skirted arse. She won’t mind if he puts his hand up her skirt to feel her soft thighs and the metal suspenders straining on her stockings tops, then blows his load as he thrusts his straining cock against her bum cheeks.

She’s even looking forward to sitting on the desk and opening her legs to let him see her hairy pussy up her skirt, the springy hairs all nicely framed by her vintage garter-belt and the straps of her suspenders attached to her stockings. She’ll get on her knees and lift up her skirt to present her suspednered ass, teasing him as she holds the flaps of her hairy cunt wide apart. She’ll encourage him to wank his cock while she fingers her tight pussy, then ask him to cum all over her hairy cunt and stockings as she reaches her own climax.


Sep 132014
Redhead Wanking Her Hairy Pussy In Genuine Vintage Suspenders and Seamed Nylon Stockings

Gorgeous redhead in suspenders and nylon stockings pulls down her panties and wanks her hairy pussy at Vintage Flash

It’s vintage pussy time with stunning redhead Jenny Smith and her hairy cunt in sheer nylon panties, all nicely framed by her garterbelt and some very sexy stockings from yesteryear…

You can never get enough bush these days, as so many girls prefer to shave off their pubic hair. So it’s refreshing to see an all natural redhead like Jenny, stripping down to her retro-lingerie and fingering her hairy minge, just like the girls we knew back in the good old days.

Vintage Flash is the site par excellence if you dream of girls in girdles, garter-belts and genuine nylon stockings from the 60’s and 70s. It’s not just the clothes, but the girls are often filmed on sets that frequently feature period furniture to give their arousing scenes that genuine ambiance.

Ah, but there is plenty of explicit fun to be had, as these girls do their raunchiest stripteases, then get down to some filthy masturbation that always finishes with them climaxing in their stockings and suspenders, so you’ll be totally satisfied.

Just wait till you see Jenny pull aside her panties to give a view of her hairy pussy, you are going to love it! Then as her fingers play inside her knickers, her pubes springing out of the sides of her panties as she teases her hot quim behind the tight nylon crotch.


Aug 012014
Horny MILF Jan Burton Masturbating In Suspenders, Seamed Nylon Stockings and Heels

Horny MILF Jan Burton masturbates in her suspenders, seamed nylon stockings and heels

A local amateur photographer wanted to shoot a video of Jan, so she dressed in a gold satin corset, matching suspender belt and a tiny lacy thong that hardly covered her cunt.

Rolling on some silky, almost nude fully fashioned nylon stockings up her legs, she attached her suspenders, then slipped into her gold, 7ins fuck me heels!

When the guy turned up for the video shoot he looked impressed when he saw Jan walking towards him in her stunning lingerie, stockings and heels. You bet he soon had a growing bulge in his trousers! Just knowing this guy was going to be wanking his big hard cock and shooting his load while watching her video later on, made her feel very horny.

Jan couldn’t wait to wank in front of him and she soon had her fingers inside her pussy, making sure he got lots of views from different angles as she frigged her sopping wet hole. She masturbated with her fingers thrusting up her cunt, moaning loudly with pleasure and shouting filthy words out of her mouth as she climaxed hard.


Jun 012014
Lily Wow Flashing Her Pussy Outdoors In White Nylon Panties and Fully-Fashioned Stockings

Leggy brunette Lily Wow sitting on the steps outdoors in the park flashes her panties and legs in fully-fashioned nylon stockings

Stunning brunette Lily Wow, teases outdoors and shows off her shapely legs in her alluring, fully-fashioned nylon stockings.

Sitting on the steps in the park one lunchtime, Lily enjoyed letting passer by look up her skirt and see the thin crotch of her panties barely concealing her hot pussy.

Shamelessly displaying her long and slender legs, she stripped off her panties and opened her stockinged legs, spreading the lips of her wet pussy for everyone to see.

Lily wears all types of original 50’s, 60’s vintage stockings and pantyhose and gets a lot of pleasure showing her sexy body and amazing legs in these hot accessories.

If you have a weakness for passionate and beautiful sexy ladies in the finest lingerie and stockings, then you’ve finally found the best nylons site to satisfy your sexual desires.


May 192014
Chloe Toy Sexy Schoolgirl Teasing In Uniform, Black Nylon Stockings and Suspenders Video At VF Academy

Sexy schoolgirl Chloe Toy strips off her in uniform and masturbates in her black nylon stockings and suspenders at VF Academy

Chloe Toy Sexy Schoolgirl In Lifting Her Skirt to Show Panties, Suspenders and Nylon Stockings At VF Academy

Pretty College Girl Teasing White Shirt, Suspenders and Black Stockings At VF Academy

Pretty School Girl Stripping and Showing Her Tits, Suspenders and Stockings At VF Academy

Sexy blonde schoolgirl, Chloe Toy will drive you crazy with lust when you see her stocking tops and suspenders under her short skirt. She’s so cute looking, you’ll just want to pull down her knickers and give her sweet pussy a good licking.

And you know what? I think she’d like that, because she’s bored with her homework and would love to have a play…

Chloe likes to think about sex a lot, so relaxing on the sofa she runs her hands over her legs in their black, seamed nylon stockings. This makes her feel very horny and lifting up the back of her pleated skirt she caresses her soft bum cheeks through the sheer nylon of her sexy knickers.

Stripping off her skirt, Chloe bends over and gives a view of her pert arse and sexy legs in their seamed nylon stockings. What a naughty girl, she loves to tease and just looking at her sexy bum in those tight, white panties, is sure to make your cock get rock hard!

Taking off her crisp white shirt and bra, Chloe handles her petite boobs and squeezes them together, then opens her legs and pushes her hand down the front of her knickers. Her fingers part the pink petals of her pussy and circle over the stiff head of her rosy clitoris, her hand moving under the flimsy material of her sheer nylon panties.

Chloe pulls her knickers down her stockinged legs and kneels so she can expose her pussy and the puckered ring of her sweet bumhole. Then reaching between her legs, she slips her fingers up her moist, pink pussy and wanks herself off to climax in her stockings, suspenders and heels.


May 012014
Redxxx and Louise Jenson Lascivious Ladies Have Sex In Their Seamed Nylon Stockings and Heels

MS Red and Louise have sex in their black suspenders, nylon stockings and heels at Redxxx

Ms Red & Louise spend an afternoon pleasuring each other in their sexy nylon stockings, suspenders and heels. Louise gets quite carried away and gives Red’s cunt a good tongue lashing which pleases her mistress, no end.

Ms Red loves the ladies as well as sucking cock and being a totally uninhibited slut she totally enjoys all kinds of sex and always puts herself into every scene of her movies.

Give her the opportunity for an orgasm, whether it be using a dildo, a girl or a guy and Ms Red will suck it, lick it or ride it till she is fully satisfied. Plus she has a real love of retro lingerie and outfits, fetish wear in latex or leather, and wears lots of corsets, stockings, suspenders and heels.

Red has loads of pics and a lot of movies (you’ll be surprised by how much) and she’s constantly updating each and every week, due to her never ending appetite for sex.

If mature ladies or naturally busty red heads with a love of kink are your type, then Red is your girl. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Click here to watch Red and Louise getting down and dirty together in their stockings and suspenders at Red-xxx

Mar 012014
Horny Schoolgirl Aston Wilde Wanking In Her Black Seamed Nylon Stockings, White Suspenders and Heels

Horny Schoolgirl Aston Wilde enjoys wanking in her black seamed nylon stockings, white suspenders and heels at VF Academy

Horny schoolgirl Aston needed a break, so she sat back in her chair and lifted up her skirt, giving a tantalizing view of her legs in seamed nylon stockings and stiletto heels.

Aston opened her legs to put her hand over her crotch and feel the moist warmth of her pussy through the tight material of her white cotton panties. Feeling naughty, she continued to strip off, removing her shirt and bullet bra so she could play with her pendulous tits and their huge, erect nipples.

Climbing onto the table top, she lifted up her skirt and spanked the cheeks of her ass through her tight, cotton knickers with the flat of her ruler. Then stood and bent over  to strip off her skirt, pulling it over her sexy liitle arse and letting it slide down her legs to the floor.

Aston reached between her thighs and felt the tingling in her pussy as she massaged her fingers over the damp crotch of her panties. Then she slowly pulled her knickers down her legs in their black, seamed nylon stockings and stripped them off over her heels. Rolling up her panties in her hand, she held them up to her nose and sniffed the hot scent of her excited pussy.

Now Aston was feeling really horny, so she pressed her ruler over her clitoris and gave it a rub, then inserted a pencil up her cunt, while bending over and masturbating to climax in her sexy suspenders, stockings and heels.


Jan 182014
Horny schoolgirl with panties pulled down wanking in her black nylon stockings, suspenders and heels at VF Academy

Horny schoolgirl Natalia pulls down her panties and wanks in her black nylon stockings, suspenders and heels at VF Academy

Horny schoolgirl Natalia had been feeling randy all day, she was relieved to get home and strip down to her stockings and suspenders so she could masturbate.

Natalia knelt on the bed and lifting her pleated dress, she hooked her thumbs into the elastic of her panties. She slowly pulled them over the rounded cheeks of her fabulous arse, exposing the lips of her shaved pussy. Then she lay back and slipped her panties down her legs in their seamed nylon stockings and left them stretched tight around her ankles and black, shiny heels.

Stripping off her uniform she lay on the bed with her legs open and spread the lips of her pussy to show the pink flesh glistening with her wet juices. She slipped several fingers inside her moist hole and thrust them in deep as she writhed on the mattress, causing the webbing of her suspenders to stretch and pull on to the tops of her black nylon stockings.

Natalia pressed her fingers hard against the distend lips of her pussy and rubbed the throbbing head of her clitoris. Then slipping them into her tight hole she masturbated vigorously, her hand slapping against the sloppy lips of her juicy cunt as she brought herself to orgasm.


Jan 072014
Voluptuous Lesbian Ladies With Big Boobs Having Bar Sex In Nylon Stockings And Suspenders

Busty Red and curvaceous Jay get down to having sex in the bar in their nylon stockings and suspenders at Red-xxx

‘Mine’s a Slippery Nipple … followed by a Screaming Orgasm, of course!’ Red said as she approached the bar at a lesbian night club with her new friend, the adorably curvaceous Jay, on their girls night out the other week.

Both wore their sexiest polka dot dresses, their big boobs almost spilling over the tops of their bras revealing lots of voluptuous cleavage, they were sure to attract a lot of attention, especially as they were both wearing stockings and heels.

Having downed a few drinks, they turned to each other and got down to some naughty lesbian fun, both running their hands all over each other and opening their dresses to fondle and rub their fleshy titties together.

Jay leaned over the bar top with her dress pulled up to reveal her large suspendered arse, then Red pulled her panties to one side and thrust her fingers between the lips of her hot pussy to make her juices flow.

Red needed to cum, so she climbed on top of the bar and opened her stockinged legs and spread the pink, flesh of her hot quim. Jay knelt and stuck her bum in the air as she leaned forward to push her head between Red’s thighs and licked her mature cunt until she climaxed loud and hard.