Nov 102009
Stocking Secretary Sabrina Removes Her Panties

Stocking Secretary Sabrina Takes Off Her Panties

Elegantly dressed in a fur stole and fully-fashioned nylon stockings, Sabrina takes off her panties at Sabrina’s Stockings.

Sabrina knows we like looking up her skirts, especially when she is wearing her seamed fully-fashioned nylons.

A secretary by day, she has her very own site where she likes to show off her legs clad in lovely ff-nylons, always supported by multi-strap suspender belts (what else, eh?).

Sabrina has a range of videos which show her doing her housework or working at her desk, making sure we get a good look at what she is wearing under her skirt.

She doesn’t mind you having a good look at her stockings and suspenders, and hopes you’ll enjoy yourself while you’re at it!

Watch this video of Sabrina hoovering the staircase in her stockings and suspenders at Sabrina’s Stockings.

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