Dec 072009
Business Lady Roni In Tight Skirt, Black Stockings & High Heels

Business Lady Roni In Tight Skirt, Black Stockings & High Heels

Roni is a very busy business lady, having to spend a lot of her time organizing her many photo and video sessions for her personal website Roni’s Paradise.

I once wrote to her and asked what she likes to do for relaxation and she told me a shopping trip to find her favorite items gives her a rush of excitement.

‘I find it a pleasure to take time out and go shopping, especially for heels and stockings, which I have a fetish for buying and wearing.

‘Shoes are important to a women and what could be more exciting and feminine than wearing nylon stockings and heels to make you feel sexy and special.

‘Just browsing at all the many styles of shoes or types of expensive stockings gets my pulse racing! Once I have made my purchases, the anticipation of getting home and trying them on, makes me feel even more turned on.

‘Once I am home I like to take my time to get myself ready, first by having a shower or sensual bath, followed by a careful application of make-up and a spray of my favorite perfume.

‘I then put on a girdle, carefully roll on my stockings so I don’t ladder them and slip on my panties. From my wardrobe I select items of clothing suitable to the time of day, for example a simple skirt and blouse if I’m working, then step into my brand new heels.

‘I will then go about some tasks I must attend to, all the while enjoying the sensation of my tight girdle around my hips, the brush of nylon against my legs and the tautness of my calf muscles whilst standing in my heels’.

Roni goes on to say that once she has completed her work she likes to then,

‘Reward myself with a masturbation session and I have a desk draw full of sex toys for that purpose. Though I sometimes like to masturbate with my heels by rubbing them against my pussy until I orgasm over and over, in the way that only women are privileged to experience’.

Roni is a very special and glamorous lady who loves to wear the finest lingerie and hosiery, so why not visit her today and find out more about her lifestyle at Roni’s Paradise.

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