Mar 142011

Danica busty dusky milf with huge tits pulling down panties and wanking in seamed nylon stockings video

I received a phone call on my mobile from a guy I didn’t know; who immediately started talking dirty down the line, asking me what I was wearing and would I get my huge tits out?

He got something of a shock when I decided to use the call for my own enjoyment, as the thought of some stranger wanking himself off as I simultaneously pleasured myself, had a certain sexual appeal.

I began to describe to this unknown caller how I was unbuttoning my silk blouse and releasing my massive tits from my bra; grabbing and kneading them playfully in my hands, then pulling and squeezing my large brown nipples with my fingers, making them hard and erect.

My hands then went down the front of my panties, and I as rubbed my fingers against the hot bud of my clitoris, I could could hear his heavy breathing down the phone as he played with his cock…

I heard him become excited as I described how I was slowly pulling down my panties over the tops of my stockings, and leaving them tightly stretched across my thighs as I continued to stroke my hot pussy.

Then I sat with stockinged legs open, and as my fingers pushed deep inside my moist fuck hole, I held my phone up close to my cunt so he could get a visual as I finger fucked myself to an explosive orgasm.


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