Mar 142012

Hotwife Roni Masturbates In Leopard Print Lingerie Nylon Stockings and Red Suspenders Video At Ronis Paradise

Roni tried to log into her desk top PC but discovered it was not working, so she quickly scanned the phone book for the nearest computer repairman and within 30 minutes he was in her office fixing her computer.

When the guy had completed the job, Roni wanted to give him a reward for helping her out, so she unzipped his pants and took out his cock. She turned around so her ass was pressed against his erect member, letting him take off her skirt to reveal the sensational red garter-belt and sexy nylon stockings she was wearing underneath.

Roni teased the guy’s cock with the soles of her nylon stockinged feet wrapped around his shaft. Then she took his prick in her mouth and gave him a blow job, teasing his bell end with the tip of her flickering tongue and rubbing the purple cockhead over her soft lips.

The repair man then got down on his knees and put his head between Roni’s thighs and gave her pussy a licking. Then while he fingered her pussy she put her stockinged toes up to his mouth and he sucked and licked on her pretty nyloned tootsies.

Encouraging him to give her a fuck, Roni pulled her panties to one side and he positioned himself between her stockinged thighs and thrust his hard dick in her cock hungry pussy.

Roni then got on her knees and wrapped her lips around his cock, taking his cum in her mouth and allowing the sperm to spill out and dribble down the side of her chin.

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