Mar 092008

Eve is hot in her vintage girdle and stockings at Vintage Queens

Eve loves her vintage clothing, not just the undergarments, but the dresses, hats, gloves and shoes of a bygone era when women took pride in their looks.

Those women always looked their best and their ambition was to emulate the glamorous styles of high-society ladies, Hollywood starlets and fashion models in the finest couture.

Eve recreates with meticulous attention to detail those styles, with particular attention to the underwear and lingerie of the period.

Recently she found this vintage girdle with bra in baby blue and of course she couldn’t resist buying it. She also found a wonderful matching pair of retro stockings with a dotted pattern to wear with the girdle and posed for this hot set of pics (107 in total).

If you love the pinup and vintage look, with an added bit of explicitness, then I recommend Eve’s Vintage Queens.

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