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Lady Sonia as ‘The Classic Secretary’ in her black corselette

Just released today ‘A Young Mans Plaything’ features Lady Sonia in a stunning black corselette and fully-fashioned nylons.

Lady Sonia’s handsome new window cleaner turns up at her residence early one afternoon while her husband is away. Still dressed in his biking leathers it was quite obvious to Sonia that he didn’t have cleaning windows on his mind. She’d told him the week before that perhaps the next time they met ’she would be “his” plaything’, so that he could have his way with Sonia however he liked.

Sonia knew she was going to have an busy afternoon of sex with her enthusiastic young man, so she dressed up specially for him in a open-bottomed black corselette which clung to her figure, seamed nylon stockings and expensive stiletto heels.

Still in his bike leathers, the pair started kissing on the bed and the young chap was soon playing with Sonia’s tits and feeling up her Ladyship’s naked cunt. Of course, Sonia was loving every minute of his exploration of her body and she lay back and enjoyed the sensation of his hands touching her private parts.

Lady Sonia opened her stocking clad legs wide as the young window cleaner went down on her, making her gasp with pleasure as he licked and fingered her cunt for quite some time. Then she returned the compliment and gobbled his cock as he lay back on the bed, licking the underside of his shaft with her expert tongue, from balls to cockhead.

Finally, her Ladyship let the excited young man fuck her from behind as she held on tightly to the rails of the bed-frame. She felt his hands grabbing her corset covered hips as he plunged his cock deep inside her sopping wet cunt. Every thrust of his pelvis sent ripples of pleasure through her body as he fucked her hard from the rear. Sonia came intensely, riding wave after wave of her orgasm as the young man kept up his rhythm, his cock fucking her cunt deep inside and making her cum again and again.

Sonia had been videoing her sexual encounter with the young man all the while, with the intention of showing it later to her cuckold of a husband, Charles.

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