May 012009

Lady Sonia Forces Danica To Have Multiple Orgasms

Lady Sonia Forces Danica To Have Multiple Orgasms

With her stockinged legs tied to a frame by the ankles, Danica is the bound and helpless plaything of Lady Sonia, in ‘Forced To Orgasm Repeatedly‘.

Lady Sonia cuts off Danica’s bra and plays with her huge floppy tits, pulling and teasing the nipples between her fingertips. She covers them in oil, then applies some to Danica’s shaven pussy and clitoris.

Inserting a big black dildo up Danica’s cunt and simultaneously using a vibrator, Sonia forces her to have an explosive orgasm. But Sonia is far from finished with Danica, and wearing some latex gloves she stimulates Danica’s clitoris even more and puts her fingers up Danica’s gash.

Sonia pours more oil over Danica’s cunt and inserts her fingers up her pussy, causing her vaginal muscles to clench around her hand with each wave of her multi-orgasm. Danica is hardly able to move as her stockings legs are tied, so she bucks her hips and squirms deliciously as Sonia’s fingers rub her swollen clit, forcing her to orgasm several times.

Watch Danica climax multiple times at the hands of Lady Sonia in the full-length Hi-Def version of ‘Forced To Orgasm Repeatedly‘.

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