Jul 222008

Lady Sonia’s continues to invite her lady friends over so that they can try out her studs and cheat on their husbands. ‘The Young Stud & The Housewife’, features her friend Rowena in ff-nylons, suspender belt and black lace panties getting fucked by one of Sonia’s stable hands.

Rowena turned up at Lady Sonia’s wearing a pair of black see-through lace panties and seamed stockings, ready for action as promised with Jon, one of Sonia’s fit, young stable hands. The guy was in for a real treat as his favorite turn on is ladies in their stockings. He was so pleased when he saw Rowena in her nylons, he showed her his full appreciation by giving her a good, hard fucking, which made her climax over and over.

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Another of Lady Sonia’s friends, Sandi came over the other week to try out her Ladyship’s favorite black stud, as seen in ‘Sandie & The Black Stud’.

Sandie joined the stud, who was lying naked on the bed in Lady Sonia’s studio and lifted up her dress to reveal she was wearing chocolate colored ff-stockings, a wide garter belt and no knickers. She lay back with her stockinged legs wide open and the stud went to work on her cunt, licking her slit with his long tongue and nibbling her clitoris with his lips.

‘That’s it, tease my pussy’, she said, as he expertly tongued and nibbled at her gaping sex hole. When Sandie was totally turned on she mounted the black stud and lowered herself on to his long shaft, riding up and down on it until her juices were flowing out of her.

They changed positions and the stud pounded her snatch from behind, slamming his cock deep into her and making his balls slap against her cunt with each meaty stroke. His thrusting cock made Sandie climax over and over as he fucked her hard, just the way she wanted.

Finally, Sandie took hold of his stiff cock in her hand and gave it a good hard tug. She moved her hand quickly up and down the shaft, using fast strokes and with her tongue lapping the underside of his cock he ejaculated thick white spunk into her mouth.

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