Aug 012011

Muriel dressed in satin, seamed stockings and suspenders, masturbates with a huge black dildo here at Lacy Nylons.

Muriel was so excited by her new black dildo which had arrived in the post that morning, she dressed in her favorite satin blouse, skirt, seamed nylons and heels, because she wanted to make her date with her new toy something special.

The size of the thing was huge, and Muriel’s pussy was already feeling moist just looking at the big black cock as it stood erect on her coffee table.

She admired it’s shape and girth as she ran her hands over her stockinged legs and ass, imagining all the fun she could have with this big black monster cock!

Stripping out of her skirt in front of her eternally erect plaything, Muriel then positioned herself over the monster prick and squatted down so the thick black cockhead slowly penetrated her pussy.

Muriel felt the huge cock stretch the walls of her cunt wide as it slipped deep inside her lubricated fuck hole, but soon felt comfortable with the fat cock filling her pussy.

Pulling her ass cheeks apart, she began to ride up and down on the huge black cock, looking down at the monster penis between her stockinged legs as it slipped inside her pussy hole.

Muriel watched her suspenders stretching at the tops of her seamed nylon stockings as she rode her new toy, feeling waves of pleasure as the huge black cock plunged in and out of her throbbing cunt.

Aug 072009
Seductive Secretary Attaches Garter To Her Nylon Stockings

Seductive Secretary Attaches Garter To Her Nylon Stockings

Seductive secretary Salome shows up at the office again, wearing those sexy sheer nylon stockings and high heels.

This voluptuous, long haired lovely, has a cute bubble butt and legs that look so attractive in stockings and heels.

She likes to parade around the office in her swish skirt, going from desk to filing cabinet, then back again. You can’t help but notice those stockinged legs, calling you, commanding your attention.

At lunch time Salome locks the door of her private office, and runs her hands over her legs, smoothing the nylon of those barely black stockings, and reattaching her suspenders to the nylon tops.

Such sensual actions causes Salome to feel aroused, so she lifts her skirt to admire her sexy underwear, then plays with her pussy through her tight, red panties.

Nylon performance is always provocative and appealing, and female legs encased in lush stockings have this inexplicable magnetic effect.

At Lacy Nylons will you see heart-stopping girls clad in all kinds of luxury, tight fitting nylons and involved in sensual play.

See more exquisite nylon seductions, and sensual scenes of girls clad in luxury stockings, only at Lacy Nylons.

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