Jun 142013
Dirty Smoking Sluts In Seamed Nylon Stockings, Suspenders and Heels Blowing Smoke Out Of Their Mouths

Dirty British smoking sluts In seamed nylon stockings, suspenders and heels blowing smoke out of their mouths

Nylon Jane invited her lingerie loving friend Bree over for an afternoon of sex, and as both ladies love to smoke they lit up their cigarettes and sat around smoking in their lingerie and stockings.

“Bree is simply smoking hot and she looked just so seductively as I watched her take a long draw from her cigarette. She blew the smoke into my face softly and gave me a cheeky wink. How could I resist stripping her out of that lingerie and playing with her tits and sweet pussy?”

Brunette Milf Nylon Jane enjoys having down and dirty fun with her girlfriends, including a few tgirls and crossdressers who come to Jane for a good time and some dressing up fun in their nylon stockings.

Dressing up in girdles, garter belts and lots of seamed nylon-stockings, over the knee spanking, leg worship, nylon foot jobs, cock and ball bondage… Jane likes to experiment with all of these things and make the wildest fantasies become a reality.



Dirty Nylon Sluts Smoking In Their Lingerie, Stockings & Suspenders

Mar 092011

british milf nylon jane smoking in seamed stockings and suspenders

I find it so incredibly sexy when I see a gorgeous women like Jane, slowly smoking a long cigarette. There’s just something so seductive about the way she tilts her head back and blows smoke from her full lips.

Jane finds that lounging around in her her nylon stockings, suspenders and red stiletto heels when she smokes looks just that little bit more decadent.

“It just makes everything look more classy, and maybe a little more slutty too!” Says Jane, as she sits smoking her cigarette and admiring how good she looks in these sexy seamed nylon stockings.

Drawing on her cigarette, Jane blows a thick puff of smoke between her breasts, and the wisps of smoke linger for just a moment against her neck and chest.

Taking another drag, the smoke curls up in leisurely spirals from the end of the cigarette in her gloved fingers, and gently vanishes into the darkness as she relaxes in her stockings and heels.


Sep 232009
Nylon Jane Upskirt In Seamed Nylon Stockings

Nylon Jane Upskirt In Seamed Nylon Stockings

Horny Milf Jane poses for some upskirt views of her seamed nylon stockings in this set at Nylon Jane.

‘I recently posed for some glamour shots, and got so horny wearing these sexy outfits I couldn’t stop playing with myself in the changing rooms between sets.

‘My long legs covered in full-fashioned nylon stockings, held up by my garter-belt, made me feel so feminine and sexy. I ran my hands over my firm body, brushing my fingers over my dress, feeling up my big tits, and the line of my garter-belt that hugged my hips.

‘Allowing my finger tips to slip inside my bra, I fondled my erect nipples, making my vagina nice and ready. Then I let my fingers run down to my cunt, rubbing my hard clit and inserting two fingers deep inside my gaping hole to spread it wide open.

‘I felt the need for someone to rip open my dress, tear off my bra and maul my titties with their hands. Leaving me just wearing my sexy nylon stockings, garter belt and heels, I wanted to be taken and fucked hard.

‘Now dripping wet, I imagined a big cock as it pushes into my tight hole, pulsing and throbbing deep inside my vagina as I am being fucked in my seamed stockings and heels.

‘I have lots of nylon fun with girls, guys, and sissy cross-dressers who like to wear stockings when they fuck me, so come on over and see all the action here at Nylon Jane.’

Jul 302008

Experimental to say the least, Nylon Jane loves to have lots of fun with her girlfriends, including a few tgirl and cross dressers who she enjoys letting wear her nylons.

Guys or girls, Jane loves to play nylons sex games with her fuck buddies. Dressing up in girdles, garter belts and lots of seamed ff-stockings, exploring nylon, leg and foot fetish fantasies, Jane is keen to help her friends find their sexual release by making their dreams cum true.

Dressing up, over the knee spanking, leg worship, nylons foot jobs, cock and ball bondage…you’ll find Jane likes to experiment with all of these fetishes and more.

Find out more about Jane’s sexy nylon fun and games at Nylon Jane and Friends…

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