Jan 142010
Hausfrau Angel Gets Fucked In Her Ripped Pantyhose

Hausfrau Angel Gets Fucked In Her Ripped Pantyhose

Angel and her husband were about to go to a party, but the couple soon get distracted when they discover a hole in the rear of her sheer black pantyhose.

Angel bent over as her husband felt up her nylon covered pussy and pantyhosed ass. Then he ripped open the back of her pantyhose so her naked ass and cunt were properly exposed.

Squatting down with her legs open and cunt on display through the ripped crotch of her hose, Angel stuffed his hard meat into her mouth and sucked him off!

Then with his erection still poking out the fly of his trousers, she made him lie back and gave his cock a wank with the soles of her pantyhosed feet.

She needed to be fucked hard and eventually she was riding that cock, enjoying every deep thrust that penetrated her hot cunt.

In a moment of inspiration, Angel covered her husband’s cock with one leg of her pantyhose and then rode on it, cock and nylon in one hole.

Nothing beats a good fuck in pantyhose and Pantyhose Angel does everything imaginable.

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