Dec 142012

Vintageflash - Busty Blonde MILF In Shiny Nylon Stockings And Suspenders


‘It feels so good to be dressed up, nice and sexy for you,’ Lucy says, her hands seductively caressing the length of her stockinged leg and leaning forward so you can get a look at her cleavage inside her tight fitting sweater. ‘Nothing better than feeling sexy, do you agree?’

Lucy teases by lifting her figure hugging pencil skirt to give a tantalizing view of her white satin panties and sexy multi-strap suspender belt attached to the tops of her shiny stockings. Then stripping off her sweater, she stands and slides her pencil skirt down her stockinged legs to fully reveal her white full-cut panties and suspenders pulling tightly on the tops of her nylons.

Lucy cups her hands around the tight fitting bullet bra that surrounds her enormous titties, then unhooks the bra to let her boobs hang free. She then gives a rear view as she pulls her panties over her ass and leaves them stretched around her suspendered and stockinged thighs awhile, before slipping her panties down her silky legs and rubbing them over her naked pussy.

Lucy kneels on the bed so her pussy and ass are in full view, with the long while suspenders stretching around her tanned buttocks and pulling at the taut tops of her nylons. Then reaching between her thighs she slips her fingers inside her beautiful cunt and rubs her hard clitoris as she masturbates to a satisfying climax.


Sep 182012

Red xxx Sexy Business Lady Masturbating In The Office In Black Stockings Video

Ms Red had been busy all morning and was looking forward to lunch hour when she would be free to undo the buttons on her blouse, let her voluptuous breasts swing free and masturbate with her favorite dildo.

While sitting at her desk she’d noticed the sensation of her suspenders pulling on the tops of her fully-fashioned nylon stockings under her skirt, which had caused her to anticipate the pleasure of having a good wank later that day.

Once all the other staff had left for lunch she locked the office door, then slipped her hands down the front of her sheer nylon panties and gave her moist cunt a good feel. Her hand moved under the fabric of her panties as she reamed the inside of her sticky hole with her fingers, causing hot cunt juices to flood over her hand and further dampen her sexy knickers.

She unzipped her skirt, letting it slip down her stockinged legs to the floor, then pulled down her panties and sat with stockinged legs spread wide so she could massage the lips of her moist cunt, now glistening with her juices.

Reaching into her top draw she pulled out a glass dildo and with one seamed stockinged leg resting on the top of the desk, she inserted the object up her cunt hole and fucked herself to a satisfying climax.


Apr 072012

Lara Fucked In Her Sexy Black Nylon Stockings And Suspenders


Lara and Jim run into a plumber and talk him into going back to their place to ‘fix a blockage’. While the plumber is laying on his back under the sink looking at the pipes, Lara undoes his overalls and takes out his prick. Wrapping her lips around his stiff boner, the plumber lays back enjoying the feel of Lara’s hot mouth as she greedily sucks on his bell end.

Taking things further they head into the living room where Lara gets onto the couch. The plumber pushes her seamed stockings legs all the way to her shoulders as he thrusts his cock deep into her muff. He fucks Lara hard and fast, ramming his thick cock into her hot cunt, then taking out his prick he gets his head between her stockinged thighs and licks her coochie.

Lara gets on her knees and the plumber grabs her suspendered ass and fucks her from behind, plunging his meaty cock into her throbbing fuck hole making her beg for more. He then fucks her as she lays on her side, before she straddles his legs and the guy fills her cock hungry cunt with hard thrusts of stiff prick.

After getting thoroughly fucked by the horny plumber, Lara gets a facial as the guy shoots his a load of hot cum all over her face and into her mouth.



Mar 072012

Schoolgirl With Knickers Down Spanked In Black Nylon Stockings Lesbian Cunt Licking Video

Samantha and her teacher Ms Rouge strip down to their nylon stockings and suspenders, then give each other’s pussies a good licking in this video at VF Academy.

Naughty academy girl Samantha adjusts her suspenders, making sure they are attached to the tops of her black nylon stockings.

She attracts the attention of her teacher Ms Rouge, who checks to see if Samantha’s stocking tops are in place. However, noticing her pupil is wearing sexy nylon panties instead of regulation knickers, she punishes the naughty girl by spanking her bottom.

Interested to know what Ms Rouge is wearing under her skirt, Samantha undresses her teacher down to her bra, suspender belt and stockings. Then she pulls out Ms Rouge’s huge titties from her bra and gives her erect nipples a good sucking, leaving traces of pink lipstick spread over the brown aureoles.

Ms Rouge is so turned on she gets her head down between Samantha’s stockinged thighs to lick her pupil’s damp knickers and finger her moist pussy.

Both teacher and pupil get carried away in a lustful exchange of cunt licking, which leads them both to intense orgasms as they pleasure each other in their stockings and suspenders.


Jan 142012

Danica Big Tit MILF In Nylon Stockings And Suspenders Plays With Her Boobs And Pussy Video

Enjoy the show as you watch Danica stroke her long legs in fully-fashioned nylons and pull on her suspender straps so they tug at the welt of her stocking tops.

Danica scoops out her big breasts from the vintage corselette she’s wearing, pulling and tweeking her large nipples between her finger and thumb to make them stand erect.

As you watch Danica play with her ample charms, I know you’ll just love watching her slowly stroke and tease her pussy until she brings herself to an explosive orgasm.

See Danica masturbating in her nylon stockings and suspenders in this (79 image) photo set and 10 minute video – ‘Pin-Up Peep Show’.

Dec 012011

Dirty Seamed Nylon Stocking Sluts Masturbating Lesbos Wanking Together In Their Suspenders Video

British MILF Lara initiates this blonde girl into the pleasures of nylon stocking sex, and together they have a filthy fucking time with lots of lesbo cunt and ass licking, as seen in this video at Lara’s Playground.

Lilly had never worn nylon stockings before, so Lara took her back to the apartment, where together they both dressed up in some sexy dresses, suspender belts, seamed nylon stockings and heels.

Lara lifted up Lilly’s dress and noticed she had the most amazingly round arse, and gorgeously slim, long legs which looked fucking hot in her first pair of fully-fashioned nylons.

Lara couldn’t wait to get her hands on this young blonde nympho, and lifting her dress higher to expose her stockings and suspenders, she gave her new friend’s moist cunt a good licking.

Together they fucked each other senseless by using dildos on each other, and Lara had her first climax as Lilly reamed her cunt and rimmed her ass at the same time.

When these two horny sluts both had enough of satisfying each other, they finished off by orgasming together while they masturbated with their stockinged legs up in the air.

Oct 182011

Marlyn Horny Mature Stocking and Suspender Slut Wanking In Black Seamed Nylons Nylonscene Video At Vintage Flash

Marlyn is a horny housewife who just can’t get enough sex, and gets off by masturbating in nylon stockings, suspenders and heels in this video at Vintage Flash.

Marlyn looks very slinky in her orange satin slip, and she loves the shape and feel of her legs in nylon stockings, suspenders and heels.

Posing on a vintage stool in sheer nylons and heels, this mature brunette floozy get very aroused, and wants you to join her in some bedroom frolics!

Marlyn’s suspenders pull tightly at the tops of her full-fashioned nylons, as she kneels over the stool and exposes her naked butt.

Prising the lips of her fleshy pussy apart, she masturbates with several fingers stuffed up her mature cunt.

Marlyn moans and groans as she wantonly masturbates with her stockinged legs open, her fingers reaming her mature pussy to reach an intense orgasm.

Click Here To Download This Video Of Marlyn Wanking In Her Stockings And Suspenders

Sep 142011

Tanya Cox Masturbating In Black Sheer Panties, Seamed Nylon Stockings and Suspenders Video At Vintageflash

Tanya Cox stripteases out of her dress and masturbates in her black nylon stockings and suspenders in this video at Vintage Flash.

Dressed in a red satin evening dress, black lacy gloves, seamed nylon stockings and red stiletto heels, Tanya knows how to tease and lifts her the front of her dress to reveal her sexy suspenders and stocking tops.

She pushes her hand between the welt of her black stockings and upper thigh, moving her lacy gloved fingers over the bare naked flesh above the tops of her sexy nylons.

Then standing with her pantied pussy close to your face, she gives you a perfect view of her fragrant cunt as she massages her throbbing clitoris through the sheer nylon fabric.

Tanya then strips down to her black lingerie and encourages you to get out your cock and stroke it, while she masturbates with her hand down the front of her sheer nylon panties.

Pressing the soles of her nylon stockinged feet together so they are wrapped around your cock, Tanya encourages you to cum over her stockinged legs as she openly masturbates to orgasm.

Sep 012011

Big Tits Danica Busty MILF In Net Stockings And Suspenders Nylon Sex Video

Sit in your chair and I’ll sit in mine, and you can watch me tease myself by playing with my huge tits and juicy pussy.

Watch me squeeze my breasts and tease my nipples with my fingers and tongue. Then see my hand slip inside my panties as I spread my legs and show you how I like to be touched.

See how I pleasure myself with legs apart, stroking my pussy with my fingers and spreading my lips as I get more turned on.

Now you can get out your cock out, and show me how you like to be teased and stroked, how you like your cock held and played with to make it bigger.

Let’s see how hard you can get and then, seeing as you have been so very patient, why don’t you come over here and fuck me!


Aug 122011

Lara Latex Stocking MILF In Suspenders Wanking With Dildos To Orgasm Video

Horny MILF Lara invites a hot babe back to her apartment where they dress up in nylon stockings and suspenders, then masturbate together on the couch in this video.

There’s nothing hot MILF Laura likes better, than to put on a tight little skirt, some sexy seamed nylon stockings and high heels, then find herself a horny guy or gal for some hardcore nylon stocking sex.

Laura is always on the hunt around the UK for sexy playmates, male or female, to join her for filthy sex in nylon stockings.

Being married to dirty old man Jim Slip, Laura turns the tables and gets him to video all the hardcore action.

Watch her in action as she seduces guys and girls and lures them to her lair for a hot romp of stockinged sex. Twosomes, threesomes, lesbian action… Lara loves it all and invites you to watch as guys, girls and couples tear down her tiny, frilly knickers and screw her senseless!


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