Sep 212013
English MILF Holly Kiss Wanking In Seamed Nylon Stockings, Suspenders And Heels At Vintage Flash

British MILF Holly Kiss pulls down her panties and masturbates in seamed nylon stockings, suspenders and heels at Vintage Flash

Holly was waiting for the guy she had arranged to have a date with to arrive, and knowing he had a particular liking for ladies in sexy nylon stockings, she had deliberately dressed to make an impression on him.

Wearing a polka-dot dress, tan nylon stockings and open-toed, ‘fuck me’ heels, she hoped her outfit would get him excited and result in her getting a good fuck by the end of the evening.

Getting all dressed up like that in her chic dress and finest stockings made her feel quite excited, and as she still had some time before her man arrived, she decided to have a little play.

Holly opened her legs and the webbing of her suspenders stretched over her thighs and pulled on the tops of her tan nylon stockings, as she rubbed the slit of her pussy and teased her clitoris through the front of her sheer nylon panties.

Taking off her dress revealed she was wearing a vintage, long line bra, then stripping it away she lifted the fleshy mounds of her nice big tits and squeezed them in her hands.

Holly knelt on the sofa and tilted her ass upward, giving a view of her pussy sheathed in sheer panties and her taut suspenders attached by metal clasps to the tops of her seamed nylon stockings.

‘So do you think he’ll fuck me in this?’ Holly asked, as she slipped her hand down the front of her panties and rubbed her hot pussy behind the sexy, sheer nylon. ‘I can just imagine you peeling away my panties, bending me over and shoving your great, big, cock into me.’


Sep 012013
Sumbissive Wife In Nylon Stockings, Suspenders And Heels Dominated By Her Husband

Submissive wife in seamed nylon stockings, suspenders and heels bends over and is forced to orgasm in this video at Nylon Stockings Sluts

Holly returned home from a tiring day at the office and all she wanted to do was slip out of her clothes, including her fully fashioned seamed stockings, and have a soak in the bath to unwind. However, when she entered the living room, she found her hubby was already at home after an early finish at work and he was feeling very horny.

Her husband pulled Holly onto his lap and ran his hands all over her stockinged legs, then as he put his hand up her skirt to feel her suspenders, he discovered his slutty wife had been to work without wearing any knickers.

The fact that his wife had been at work all day without any knickers on aroused his lust, and pushing his head between her stockinged thighs, he teased her clit with his tongue and stuck it up her gaping pussy hole to lick the cream off her juicy, cunt lips….

Holly had forgotten how tired she was and felt extremely aroused by having her cunt licked, so she got on her knees and tilted her ass upwards and mooned it at him like a filthy, wanton whore.

Suddenly, she felt her husband’s fingers slipping between the lips of her tight cunt and the wetness of his tongue as it flickered over the puckered ring of her exposed bumhole, sending waves of erotic of pleasure through her body.

Holly enjoyed having her husband dominating her like this and offered no resistance as he fastened her legs with a spreader bar between her ankles, then put a ball gag in her mouth and cuffed her wrists so they were secured tight.

Still bending over with her arse and pussy fully exposed, he slipped a vibrator up her cunt and then applied the head of a vibrating ‘magic wand’ to her throbbing clit, which caused her to experience an intense, forced orgasm.

Holly was now totally abandoned to lust and dropping her head down, she licked and sucked on her hubby’s big heavy balls and wrapped her hot, wet mouth around the thick, purple crown of his cock and gave it a good old suck.


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