Jan 182014
Horny schoolgirl with panties pulled down wanking in her black nylon stockings, suspenders and heels at VF Academy

Horny schoolgirl Natalia pulls down her panties and wanks in her black nylon stockings, suspenders and heels at VF Academy

Horny schoolgirl Natalia had been feeling randy all day, she was relieved to get home and strip down to her stockings and suspenders so she could masturbate.

Natalia knelt on the bed and lifting her pleated dress, she hooked her thumbs into the elastic of her panties. She slowly pulled them over the rounded cheeks of her fabulous arse, exposing the lips of her shaved pussy. Then she lay back and slipped her panties down her legs in their seamed nylon stockings and left them stretched tight around her ankles and black, shiny heels.

Stripping off her uniform she lay on the bed with her legs open and spread the lips of her pussy to show the pink flesh glistening with her wet juices. She slipped several fingers inside her moist hole and thrust them in deep as she writhed on the mattress, causing the webbing of her suspenders to stretch and pull on to the tops of her black nylon stockings.

Natalia pressed her fingers hard against the distend lips of her pussy and rubbed the throbbing head of her clitoris. Then slipping them into her tight hole she masturbated vigorously, her hand slapping against the sloppy lips of her juicy cunt as she brought herself to orgasm.


Jan 072014
Voluptuous Lesbian Ladies With Big Boobs Having Bar Sex In Nylon Stockings And Suspenders

Busty Red and curvaceous Jay get down to having sex in the bar in their nylon stockings and suspenders at Red-xxx

‘Mine’s a Slippery Nipple … followed by a Screaming Orgasm, of course!’ Red said as she approached the bar at a lesbian night club with her new friend, the adorably curvaceous Jay, on their girls night out the other week.

Both wore their sexiest polka dot dresses, their big boobs almost spilling over the tops of their bras revealing lots of voluptuous cleavage, they were sure to attract a lot of attention, especially as they were both wearing stockings and heels.

Having downed a few drinks, they turned to each other and got down to some naughty lesbian fun, both running their hands all over each other and opening their dresses to fondle and rub their fleshy titties together.

Jay leaned over the bar top with her dress pulled up to reveal her large suspendered arse, then Red pulled her panties to one side and thrust her fingers between the lips of her hot pussy to make her juices flow.

Red needed to cum, so she climbed on top of the bar and opened her stockinged legs and spread the pink, flesh of her hot quim. Jay knelt and stuck her bum in the air as she leaned forward to push her head between Red’s thighs and licked her mature cunt until she climaxed loud and hard.


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