Feb 092015
Cute Secretary Flashing Her Hairy Pussy In Vintage Suspenders and Black Nylon Stockings

Naughty secretary Rosie -Ann flashes her hairy puss and and masturbates in suspenders and black nylon stockings in her video at Vintage Flash

Naughty secretary Rosie-Ann loves wearing her vintage clothes and is hoping she’ll impress her new boss with her white flared blouse, pencil skirt and Cuban heeled stockings. She is just so thrilled at how sexy she feels in her sexy, vintage attire, especially knowing she is not wearing any panties under her skirt.

Rosie-Ann practices bending over so her skirt pulls tight around her arse, pressing her legs close together so the seams of her fully-fashioned stockings run straight up from her ankles and heels. She is sure her boss is going to like seeing her bending over to get something out of the filing cabinet, his eyes fixed on her sexy little bum in that tight fitting pencil skirt.

Hopefully, he’ll come up behind and start rubbing his throbbing cock against the cheeks of her skirted arse. She won’t mind if he puts his hand up her skirt to feel her soft thighs and the metal suspenders straining on her stockings tops, then blows his load as he thrusts his straining cock against her bum cheeks.

She’s even looking forward to sitting on the desk and opening her legs to let him see her hairy pussy up her skirt, the springy hairs all nicely framed by her vintage garter-belt and the straps of her suspenders attached to her stockings. She’ll get on her knees and lift up her skirt to present her suspednered ass, teasing him as she holds the flaps of her hairy cunt wide apart. She’ll encourage him to wank his cock while she fingers her tight pussy, then ask him to cum all over her hairy cunt and stockings as she reaches her own climax.


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