Sep 012016
Red and Lynda Leigh Horny Lesbians Fucking With Dildos In Latex and Stockings Video at Redxxx

Horny lesbians Red and Lynda Leigh have fun with a dildo in their latex and stockings video – ‘We Do Like Being Rude’ at Redxxx

Busty MILF Red and her friend Lynda Leigh we’re meant to be getting ready for a red hot night out in their latex suspenders and fishnet stockings. Just getting dressed-up and encased in all that latex made both ladies feel very horny and they decided they had time to have a play before leaving for the fetish club.

Lynda had brought along a large dildo which she showed to Red and their thoughts soon turned to putting it to good use. They lubed up the dildo and Lynda got down on her knees in front of Red and began to lick the swollen lips of her friend’s hot pussy. Lynda stuck out her tongue and thrust it up Red’s sticky cunt hole and licked the cream that flowed out of her gaping snatch.

Lynda inserted the dildo between the lips of Red’s pussy, stretching her cunt as she plunged the object deep inside her gaping hole. Red squirmed as the cock-like object reamed the walls of her throbbing cunt and her hands grabbed her fleshy tits hanging over the top of her latex corset.

Lynda fucked Red’s cunt with the dildo and licked the pink head of her friend’s throbbing clitoris that glistened wet with her juices. Red’s erect nipples stood out like doorstops in intense arousal, her hips thrusting in as the dildo penetrated her cunt and made her climax loudly.


Feb 012016
Lady Sonia Masturbating In Car In Black Suspenders and Nylon Stockings Video

Lady Sonia takes a ride in her car and stops by the roadside to masturbate in her black suspenders and nylon stockings in this video

Lady Sonia goes for a ride in her car flashing at passing drivers, then she masturbates in her black nylon stockings and suspenders at the roadside.

Lady Sonia was feeling bored while her husband was at the office, so seeking some excitement she got in her car and headed up the motorway. She felt a thrill as she drove in her car with her huge tits spilling out of her open dress, and the tops of her nylon stockings and naked pussy exposed for all to see.

Whenever large trucks went by, Sonia opened her legs and flashed her stockings and suspenders at the passing truck drivers, who were able to see right into her car. She enjoyed their reactions and wondered if her provocative behavior would lead to anything more daring. Sonia secretly hoped to meet one of the truckers further up the motorway, where she would suck them off in a lay-by and have them shoot their cum all over her face.

Sonia’s flashing activities made her feel so horny she really needed to masturbate, so she pulled into one of the roadside stops and got into the back of her car to get comfortable. Opening her stockinged legs she then stuffed a vibrator straight up her slippery pussy, already dripping wet with all the excitement she had got from exposing herself that day.

Pushing the vibrator deep inside her pussy, Sonia imagined she was being fucked from behind by some stranger with a big hard cock. If only one of those drivers would find her now: she’d unzip their pants, suck on their cocks and get them to grab hold of her ass while they fucked her hard from behind in stockings and suspenders.

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Jan 212016
Michelle Thorne Busty Blonde Shows Off Her Tits In Lingerie and Black Nylons Stockings

Michelle Thorne stripteases and masturbates in her lingerie, black, fully-fashioned nylon stockings and stiletto heels in her latest video at Vintage Flash.

It’s been a while since we last saw Michelle Thorne on Vintage Flash, but here is is again back in top form and looking better than ever in expensive lingerie, Harmony point nylon stockings and Jimmy Choo stiletto heels.

The good news is she is set to return as one of the regulars after some changes in her personal life and having spent most of her time updating on her own website.

Of course, it being VF, the focus is strongly on vintage lingerie, stockings and expensive heels, so you are going to see Michelle in some of the most exciting outfits, while she stripteases and masturbates in the most explicit ways that are guaranteed to get you off!

Known for her big boobs, super sexy legs and luscious pussy lips, Michele has appeared in 16 previous exclusive photo and video sets on VF, which are all still available to members.

In her latest update just released this week, you’ll see her stripping down to her suspenders and spreading her incredibly sexy legs wide open, while thrusting a dildo up her hot, juicy pussy.


Nov 012015
2015 Lady Sonia Busty Mature Secretary In Suspenders and Seamed Nylon Stockings

Busty secretary Lady Sonia is waiting for you in her office dressed in in suspenders and black seamed nylon stockings

Lady Sonia often gets bored in the office all by herself, and when she gets bored her high sex drive kicks in and she feels a desperate need to be a COMPLETE SLUT for a total stranger!

Now that YOU have walked into her office perhaps she can show you what she gets up to while there isn’t anyone else about. Dressed in her sexy nylon stockings and suspenders, Sonia will get her huge tits out and play with them while she tells you exactly what it is that she wants to do with you!

“Are you a leg man? I hope you are, because I only ever wear fully-fashioned stockings,” Sonia says, lifting up the back of her tight pencil skirt to give you a look at the tops of her nylons and the line of the contrast seam running up the back of her shapely legs.

“I will show you EVERYTHING that you want to see… You only need to ask, and I will be your complete SLUT! Your very own personal MILF Fuck Toy!” Sonia says, so willing to be a dirty slut for your pleasure and desperate to watch you wank your cock, while she strips off and masturbates on the desk in her slutty fully-fashioned nylons and suspenders.

“Please let me see your cock… If you show me your cock I will show you EVERYTHING that you want to see… I promise!”


Jul 062015
Dominant Ebony Secretary In Black Seamed Nylon Stockings and Stiletto Heels Makes Her Boss Worship Her Legs

Dominant ebony secretary Miss Foxx makes her boss worship her legs in black seamed nylon stockings and stiletto heels

Ebony Secretary Miss Foxx visits her boss to report one of the employees she has discovered looking at porn sites during work hours.

Her boss agrees that the employee should be reprimanded for inappropriate behavior, wasting company time and resources. However he soon finds himself in an embarrassing situation when she reveals that he is the one that has been found looking at porn on the office computers.

Miss Foxx even knows what type of porn he has been browsing and notes that he enjoys looking at ladies in stockings and has a fetish for foot worship.

Curious as to how he will react, she extends her shapely leg towards him and dangles her high heels if front of his face. He falls to his knees and begins kissing her legs in their erotic black stockings and licks her heels while begging for her mercy.

Laughing at how pathetic he looks slobbering over her shoes, she requests the use of his credit card so she can buy more shoes at her leisure. Having agreed to her demands, she then orders him to strip naked and continue to worship her stocking clad legs and sexy feet in designer heels.

Miss Foxx eventually orders him to get his cock out and masturbate in front of her, while she pushes the stilettos into his nipples and makes him pledge obedience and servitude to his new Mistress.

Watch divine Miss Foxx coerce her boss into submission and worshiping her legs in stockings and heels in the video at English Mansion

Jun 052015
Busty Young Wife With Huge Tits and Hairy Pussy Masturbating In Vintage Black Nylon Stockings

Busty young housewife Victoria strips off and masturbates to climax in suspenders, black nylon stockings and stiletto heels

Victoria is a busty young wife, who likes to play with her fabulous boobs and hairy pussy when she’s finished her housework and masturbate with her hands down her panties…

Victoria always wears her lingerie and fully-fashioned stockings, as it makes her feel feminine and sexy as she goes about doing her household chores.

All that activity while pushing the hoover back an forth across the floor makes her heavy tits bounce around under her top, and she can feel her suspenders pulling taut against her thighs as she bends over to tidy things up. Such activity gradually builds up her arousal, especially knowing that she’s going to treat herself to a bit of pussy play in the afternoon.

Having finished her chores, Victoria sits down and runs her hand up her legs in their black seamed nylon stockings, admiring her fabulous black leather stilettos. She strips off her lace top and bra to massage the ample flesh of her huge natural tits and jiggle her bouncy boobs up and down in her hands.

Victoria strips off her skirt and slides her hand down the front of her panties and it moves under the sheer nylon as she gives her hairy pussy a good rub. She strips off her panties, then lays back with her legs wide open and fingers her lovely bushy cunt and brings herself to climax in her sexy stockings and heels.


May 162015
Horny Secretary Has Phone Sex In Black Suspenders, Seamed Nylon Stockings and Louboutin stiletto heels

Horny Secretary Natalia has phone sex and masturbates in her black suspenders, seamed nylon stockings and stiletto heels in this video at Vintage Flash

Secretary Natalia is alone in the office and takes a phone call from guy who wants to know what she’s wearing under her tight fitting pencil skirt.

A little shocked at first, she soon begins to feel horny when she learns about the size of the guy’s cock, and decides to join him in having a wank while she listens to his filthy phone sex conversation.

Sitting on the desk, she runs her hands over her legs and describes how perfect they look in her black, fully-fashioned nylon stockings and expensive Louboutin stiletto heels.

Feeling wet between her legs, she slips her hand up her skirt and begins rubbing her hot cunt as she stays on the line and listens to him talking dirty. Then stripping off her blouse, bra and pencil skirt, she encourages him to wank his cock as she bends over the desk and sways her gorgeous arse, bounded by the black suspenders attached by metal clasps to the tops of her seamed nylon stockings.

Natalia sits on top of the desk with her shaved pussy framed by the webbing of her garter-belt and suspenders straining on her stockings. She inserts a vibrator up her tight cunt and fucks herself to orgasm as she listens to the guy wanking on the other end of the phone call.


May 192014
Chloe Toy Sexy Schoolgirl Teasing In Uniform, Black Nylon Stockings and Suspenders Video At VF Academy

Sexy schoolgirl Chloe Toy strips off her in uniform and masturbates in her black nylon stockings and suspenders at VF Academy

Chloe Toy Sexy Schoolgirl In Lifting Her Skirt to Show Panties, Suspenders and Nylon Stockings At VF Academy

Pretty College Girl Teasing White Shirt, Suspenders and Black Stockings At VF Academy

Pretty School Girl Stripping and Showing Her Tits, Suspenders and Stockings At VF Academy

Sexy blonde schoolgirl, Chloe Toy will drive you crazy with lust when you see her stocking tops and suspenders under her short skirt. She’s so cute looking, you’ll just want to pull down her knickers and give her sweet pussy a good licking.

And you know what? I think she’d like that, because she’s bored with her homework and would love to have a play…

Chloe likes to think about sex a lot, so relaxing on the sofa she runs her hands over her legs in their black, seamed nylon stockings. This makes her feel very horny and lifting up the back of her pleated skirt she caresses her soft bum cheeks through the sheer nylon of her sexy knickers.

Stripping off her skirt, Chloe bends over and gives a view of her pert arse and sexy legs in their seamed nylon stockings. What a naughty girl, she loves to tease and just looking at her sexy bum in those tight, white panties, is sure to make your cock get rock hard!

Taking off her crisp white shirt and bra, Chloe handles her petite boobs and squeezes them together, then opens her legs and pushes her hand down the front of her knickers. Her fingers part the pink petals of her pussy and circle over the stiff head of her rosy clitoris, her hand moving under the flimsy material of her sheer nylon panties.

Chloe pulls her knickers down her stockinged legs and kneels so she can expose her pussy and the puckered ring of her sweet bumhole. Then reaching between her legs, she slips her fingers up her moist, pink pussy and wanks herself off to climax in her stockings, suspenders and heels.


May 012014
Redxxx and Louise Jenson Lascivious Ladies Have Sex In Their Seamed Nylon Stockings and Heels

MS Red and Louise have sex in their black suspenders, nylon stockings and heels at Redxxx

Ms Red & Louise spend an afternoon pleasuring each other in their sexy nylon stockings, suspenders and heels. Louise gets quite carried away and gives Red’s cunt a good tongue lashing which pleases her mistress, no end.

Ms Red loves the ladies as well as sucking cock and being a totally uninhibited slut she totally enjoys all kinds of sex and always puts herself into every scene of her movies.

Give her the opportunity for an orgasm, whether it be using a dildo, a girl or a guy and Ms Red will suck it, lick it or ride it till she is fully satisfied. Plus she has a real love of retro lingerie and outfits, fetish wear in latex or leather, and wears lots of corsets, stockings, suspenders and heels.

Red has loads of pics and a lot of movies (you’ll be surprised by how much) and she’s constantly updating each and every week, due to her never ending appetite for sex.

If mature ladies or naturally busty red heads with a love of kink are your type, then Red is your girl. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Click here to watch Red and Louise getting down and dirty together in their stockings and suspenders at Red-xxx

Mar 012014
Horny Schoolgirl Aston Wilde Wanking In Her Black Seamed Nylon Stockings, White Suspenders and Heels

Horny Schoolgirl Aston Wilde enjoys wanking in her black seamed nylon stockings, white suspenders and heels at VF Academy

Horny schoolgirl Aston needed a break, so she sat back in her chair and lifted up her skirt, giving a tantalizing view of her legs in seamed nylon stockings and stiletto heels.

Aston opened her legs to put her hand over her crotch and feel the moist warmth of her pussy through the tight material of her white cotton panties. Feeling naughty, she continued to strip off, removing her shirt and bullet bra so she could play with her pendulous tits and their huge, erect nipples.

Climbing onto the table top, she lifted up her skirt and spanked the cheeks of her ass through her tight, cotton knickers with the flat of her ruler. Then stood and bent overĀ  to strip off her skirt, pulling it over her sexy liitle arse and letting it slide down her legs to the floor.

Aston reached between her thighs and felt the tingling in her pussy as she massaged her fingers over the damp crotch of her panties. Then she slowly pulled her knickers down her legs in their black, seamed nylon stockings and stripped them off over her heels. Rolling up her panties in her hand, she held them up to her nose and sniffed the hot scent of her excited pussy.

Now Aston was feeling really horny, so she pressed her ruler over her clitoris and gave it a rub, then inserted a pencil up her cunt, while bending over and masturbating to climax in her sexy suspenders, stockings and heels.


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