Jul 062015
Dominant Ebony Secretary In Black Seamed Nylon Stockings and Stiletto Heels Makes Her Boss Worship Her Legs

Dominant ebony secretary Miss Foxx makes her boss worship her legs in black seamed nylon stockings and stiletto heels

Ebony Secretary Miss Foxx visits her boss to report one of the employees she has discovered looking at porn sites during work hours.

Her boss agrees that the employee should be reprimanded for inappropriate behavior, wasting company time and resources. However he soon finds himself in an embarrassing situation when she reveals that he is the one that has been found looking at porn on the office computers.

Miss Foxx even knows what type of porn he has been browsing and notes that he enjoys looking at ladies in stockings and has a fetish for foot worship.

Curious as to how he will react, she extends her shapely leg towards him and dangles her high heels if front of his face. He falls to his knees and begins kissing her legs in their erotic black stockings and licks her heels while begging for her mercy.

Laughing at how pathetic he looks slobbering over her shoes, she requests the use of his credit card so she can buy more shoes at her leisure. Having agreed to her demands, she then orders him to strip naked and continue to worship her stocking clad legs and sexy feet in designer heels.

Miss Foxx eventually orders him to get his cock out and masturbate in front of her, while she pushes the stilettos into his nipples and makes him pledge obedience and servitude to his new Mistress.

Watch divine Miss Foxx coerce her boss into submission and worshiping her legs in stockings and heels in the video at English Mansion

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