Sep 012016
Red and Lynda Leigh Horny Lesbians Fucking With Dildos In Latex and Stockings Video at Redxxx

Horny lesbians Red and Lynda Leigh have fun with a dildo in their latex and stockings video – ‘We Do Like Being Rude’ at Redxxx

Busty MILF Red and her friend Lynda Leigh we’re meant to be getting ready for a red hot night out in their latex suspenders and fishnet stockings. Just getting dressed-up and encased in all that latex made both ladies feel very horny and they decided they had time to have a play before leaving for the fetish club.

Lynda had brought along a large dildo which she showed to Red and their thoughts soon turned to putting it to good use. They lubed up the dildo and Lynda got down on her knees in front of Red and began to lick the swollen lips of her friend’s hot pussy. Lynda stuck out her tongue and thrust it up Red’s sticky cunt hole and licked the cream that flowed out of her gaping snatch.

Lynda inserted the dildo between the lips of Red’s pussy, stretching her cunt as she plunged the object deep inside her gaping hole. Red squirmed as the cock-like object reamed the walls of her throbbing cunt and her hands grabbed her fleshy tits hanging over the top of her latex corset.

Lynda fucked Red’s cunt with the dildo and licked the pink head of her friend’s throbbing clitoris that glistened wet with her juices. Red’s erect nipples stood out like doorstops in intense arousal, her hips thrusting in as the dildo penetrated her cunt and made her climax loudly.


Jan 072014
Voluptuous Lesbian Ladies With Big Boobs Having Bar Sex In Nylon Stockings And Suspenders

Busty Red and curvaceous Jay get down to having sex in the bar in their nylon stockings and suspenders at Red-xxx

‘Mine’s a Slippery Nipple … followed by a Screaming Orgasm, of course!’ Red said as she approached the bar at a lesbian night club with her new friend, the adorably curvaceous Jay, on their girls night out the other week.

Both wore their sexiest polka dot dresses, their big boobs almost spilling over the tops of their bras revealing lots of voluptuous cleavage, they were sure to attract a lot of attention, especially as they were both wearing stockings and heels.

Having downed a few drinks, they turned to each other and got down to some naughty lesbian fun, both running their hands all over each other and opening their dresses to fondle and rub their fleshy titties together.

Jay leaned over the bar top with her dress pulled up to reveal her large suspendered arse, then Red pulled her panties to one side and thrust her fingers between the lips of her hot pussy to make her juices flow.

Red needed to cum, so she climbed on top of the bar and opened her stockinged legs and spread the pink, flesh of her hot quim. Jay knelt and stuck her bum in the air as she leaned forward to push her head between Red’s thighs and licked her mature cunt until she climaxed loud and hard.


Nov 072013
Naughty Schoolgirl Seduces Redhead Teacher In Seamed Nylon Stockings And Suspenders At VF Academy

Naughty schoolgirl Lucy seduces her teacher and they get down to cunt licking and climaxing in their seamed nylon stockings and heels

Naughty schoolgirl Lucy had been called into see Ms Rouge in her office, because her teacher needed to know why Lucy had been winking at her during class earlier that day.

Lucy pretended not to know what Ms Rouge was talking about, though secretly having a crush on her teacher, she denied ever winking at her in class. Ms Rouge was not entirely convinced and taking the opportunity to find something else to criticize, she inspected Lucy’s uniform and nylon stockings, but couldn’t find much to fault.

Lucy couldn’t help but notice Ms Rouge’s stocking tops and suspenders appearing through the long, side-split of her skirt, so she reached out and ran her hand up her teacher’s legs and thighs. Ms Rouge didn’t discourage Lucy as she began to help her undress and strip right down to her black bra, lacy full-back-panties and fully-fashioned nylon stockings.

Lucy pulled Ms Rouge’s knickers down to the floor and her teacher stepped out of them, then lay back on the desk with her stockinged legs wide open and her mature cunt on display. Lucy got on her knees in front of Ms Rouge and stuck her tongue right up her teacher’s crack, licking her juicy flaps and teasing her throbbing clitoris until she spasmed in an intense orgasm on the desktop.

Ms Rouge helped Lucy undress out of her uniform, then they both got down on the floor in a 69 position and together they sucked and licked each others hot cunts and climaxed in their seamed nylon stockings, suspenders and heels.


Dec 302010

rebecca more flithy lesbian sluts at all girl orgy fucking in nylon stockings suspenders and having sex with strapon dildos

British porn slut Rebecca More and and another lesbian slut, get dominated and fucked by Nylon Jane in this lesbian stocking sex threesome.

Both girls were dripping wet from taking Jane’s monster strapon cock deep into their tight little pussies and begging for more cock. But Mistress Jane wanted to see them fuck each other first, and they did exactly what she said.

These two horny sluts ate each others wet pussies, while Jane watched and stroked her thick strapon penis. Then Jane ploughed both of their tight cunts with her strapon until she was satisfied.

Blonde Milf Rebecca loves all kinds of hardcore sex and enjoys everything from deepthroat to deep anal. She’s really one filthy girl who just needs more and more, there really is nothing she won’t try.

You will love seeing her group parties and bukkake action movies, showing all kinds of full on hardcore action in stockings.


Jul 032010


Red and Danica have known each other for years and recently got together for some dirty dildo strapon fun in stockings, suspenders and heels

Dressed in stockings, suspenders and killer heels, these two sexed-up sluts went crazy with lust for each others tits and pussy.

Red slavered over the strapon cock sandwiched between Danica’s huge boobs, sucking and lubricating  it with her saliva as if it was a real cock.

Not that Red really need to add some lubrication, because her cunt was sopping wet by the time Danica positioned herself behind Red and penetrated her pussy with it.

Red then straddled Danica’s stockinged thighs and groaned with pleasure as her friend’s latex penis stretched her cunt.

It was the perfect position for Red to look down and see that strapon cock pumping up insider her cunt, somewhere in valley between stockinged thighs and stretched suspender belts.

Both ladies fucked in their stockings and suspenders in lots of positions, and Danica gave Red such a pounding, she climaxed over and over as her cunt endured a relentless fucking.

See more of Red and Danica’s afternoon of sex in stockings at RedXxx.

May 302010


Miss Red is totally uninhibited when it comes to sex, and loves shagging the ladies as well as sucking cocks. She’s a swinger in every sense.

Give her the opportunity for an orgasm, whether it be using a dildo, a girl or a guy (even a blow up doll), and Miss Red will suck it, lick it or ride it until she is fully satisfied.

Plus she has a real love of retro lingerie and outfits, deviant fetish wear in latex, and wears lots of corsets, stockings, suspenders and heels.

She has loads of pics and a lot of movies, (you’ll be surprised by how much) and she’s constantly updating each and every week, as she has a never ending appetite for sex and and always puts herself into every scene of her movies.

If naturally busty red heads with a love of kink are your type, then RedXxx is your girl. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

May 212010


Sue arranged for her friend Jayde to visit one weekend for some kinky nylon fun.

They decided to do some baking in the kitchen, but instead they ended up throwing flour around and getting messy together.

There is nothing that beats fooling around and getting messy, and this horny pair ended up sprawling on the floor in their seamed nylons and heels.

Then the serious action really began and they pleasured each others cunts using their tongues and stuffing sex toys up their pussies.

Enjoy this full pic set and movie featuring lots of hardcore toy and horny girl on girl nylon-loving action at Nylon Extreme.

Sep 302009
Rachel And Frankie Enjoy Lesbian Stocking Sex Games

Rachel And Frankie Enjoy Lesbian Stocking Sex Games

Rachel And Frankie enjoy lesbian stocking sex games, using vibrators and sex toys to tease each other, as seen in this movie from Nylon Stocking Sluts.

Frankie is relaxing on her bed reading a magazine when naughty Rachel decides to catch her by surprise, and invites along a camera guy to film the fun!

Frankie soon has her legs up in the air while Rachel and the cameraman admire her nylons. Once the foot licking starts, the cameraman gets in close to capture all the action as Rachel sucks on Frankie’s nylon covered feet.

The girls are having fun, and it’s not long before they both have their boobs out on display. Rachel can’t resist playing with Frankie’s big tits, sucking and nibbling on her hard nipples.

Rachel blindfolds and handcuffs Frankie, then teases her submissive stocking slut with a large ribbed toy, before easing it into Frankie’s tight wet pussy.

Rachel works that toy into her friends juicy hole, and while licking on her throbbing clit, we get a great view of her fabulous bottom and her legs as she gets on all fours.

Frankie and the camera guy decide it’s time Rachel had a bit of the same treatment, and Frankie gets revenge on Rachel by moving a vibrating wand over her clit while she screams and struggles!

After bringing out a blue ribbed toy, Frankie fucks Rachel good and proper, before both girls lay back for some stockinged leg and foot rubbing….

Download this movie of these two nylon sluts enjoying their stocking sex games at Nylon Stocking Sluts

Sep 072009
Miss Abigail Fucks Her Girdled Girlfriend With A Strapon Cock

Miss Abigail Fucks Her Girdled Girlfriend With A Strapon Cock

Miss Abigail fucks her girdled girlfriend in seamed nylon stockings and cut away panties with a strapon cock at Miss Abigail Frazer.

Wearing a sheer leopard print slut bra, stockings and a very hot black girdle, Miss Abigail spreads her legs and gripping the strap-on dildo, forces her sexy stockinged girlfriend Judy to take it deep in her throat until she gags.

Judy is wearing a white girdle over a pair of vintage full cut panties with the crotch cut out, and tan seamed stockings. She sucks on the monster dildo cock and gropes Miss Abigail’s huge boobies, then mounts the enormous cock with her open crotch panties still on, and buries it up her cunt.

Judy rides that cock like the filthy slut she is, then Miss Abigail rolls her over and fucks her from above, like a man. Miss Abigail fucks her hard with her strap-on cock, plunging it into Judy’s gaping cunt, making her cum with the force of that huge cock reaming her pussy.

Lots of great pantie and girdle close ups, with stockings tugging on garter straps as Judy gets fucked in her crotchless briefs at Miss Abigail Frazer.

Jun 252009
Stocking Sex Lesbians Get Down And Dirty In Hollywood Motel

Stocking Sex Lesbians Get Down And Dirty In Hollywood Motel

Julia, Sexy Miss Lizz and Zoe Zane booked into a cheap motel in Hollywood so they could get down and dirty in their panties, stockings, garter belts, and bras.

Zoe Zane’s enormous titties hang out of her bra, as her panties are pulled to the side, allowing Julia and Lizz to fuck her up the ass with a very long cucumber.

Zoe enjoys having that cucumber rammed deep up her ass and lets the girls know she wants to get nasty. And she does… She sucks and licks it straight out of her asshole, then buries it right back where the sun don’t shine.

Zoe just can’t stop talking about her cunt and how dirty she wants to get, so she stuffs the cucumber in her gaping pussy, as the girls bury another one deep in her asshole and double fuck her.

Dirty Lizz deep throats the cucumber in Zoe’s ass until she gags on it. Now both girls are fucking her with the cucumbers in their mouths.

Lizz fires off a whole lot of filthy dirty trash mouth at horny Zoe until she cums with the cucumbers deep in her ass and pussy.

Three very dirty girls in very sexy underwear, a cheap motel in Hollywood…are you ready for them? Stream or downland this movie ‘Orgies by Appointment Hollywood Whores‘ from Sexy Stockings Videos.

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