Feb 012016
Lady Sonia Masturbating In Car In Black Suspenders and Nylon Stockings Video

Lady Sonia takes a ride in her car and stops by the roadside to masturbate in her black suspenders and nylon stockings in this video

Lady Sonia goes for a ride in her car flashing at passing drivers, then she masturbates in her black nylon stockings and suspenders at the roadside.

Lady Sonia was feeling bored while her husband was at the office, so seeking some excitement she got in her car and headed up the motorway. She felt a thrill as she drove in her car with her huge tits spilling out of her open dress, and the tops of her nylon stockings and naked pussy exposed for all to see.

Whenever large trucks went by, Sonia opened her legs and flashed her stockings and suspenders at the passing truck drivers, who were able to see right into her car. She enjoyed their reactions and wondered if her provocative behavior would lead to anything more daring. Sonia secretly hoped to meet one of the truckers further up the motorway, where she would suck them off in a lay-by and have them shoot their cum all over her face.

Sonia’s flashing activities made her feel so horny she really needed to masturbate, so she pulled into one of the roadside stops and got into the back of her car to get comfortable. Opening her stockinged legs she then stuffed a vibrator straight up her slippery pussy, already dripping wet with all the excitement she had got from exposing herself that day.

Pushing the vibrator deep inside her pussy, Sonia imagined she was being fucked from behind by some stranger with a big hard cock. If only one of those drivers would find her now: she’d unzip their pants, suck on their cocks and get them to grab hold of her ass while they fucked her hard from behind in stockings and suspenders.

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Jul 272013
Busty Danica Flashing In A Country Lane In Nylon Stockings, Suspenders and Heels

Danica needs to get her car fixed so she lifts up her skirt, pulls down her panties and flashes her sexy nylon stockings and suspenders in this video

Danica was out for a drive recently when her car broke down on a quiet country road…

‘I need a man. A man who is good with his hands, a man who will rescue me,’ Danica said to herself, as she looked under the bonnet to see if she could get the damn thing started.

As she leaned over the car, her skirt lifted higher and revealed her red suspenders and the tops of her black nylon stockings, which gave her and idea…

Perhaps she could expose herself on the roadside attract the attention of a man who would come to her rescue, so she pulled open her jacket and removed her bra to allow her voluptuous tits to hang free.

Danica then hitched up her skirt and bent over to pull her red pantie thong down her shapely legs in their seamed nylon stockings.

Now she could stand by her car and lean over to give any passers by a good look and maybe some guy would come to her aid.

So standing with her legs apart and her panties stretched around her ankles, she leaned over her car and gave her gorgeous ass a sexy wiggle in the hope of attracting their attention.


Jun 072013
Horny Ebony Housewife With Big Boobs Masturbating In Silky Nylon Stockings And Suspenders

Horny ebony housewife Nina loves to wear silky nylon stockings and sexy suspenders is looking for guys who want to cum and spunk over her fabulous body

Beautiful ebony Nina is a bored housewife who needs lots of sex and likes to dress in her silky nylon stockings and suspenders for those guys who appreciate a real lady in nylons.

Naughty Nina wants to turn you on alright, so teasingly lifts up her pencil skirt to show the tops of her beige-tan nylon stockings and the white suspenders contrasted against her sexy brown thighs.

She encourages you to take out your cock and wank it while she strips out of her sexy, while blouse to reveal she is wearing a lacy bullet bra which supports her huge round titties. Then she turns around to offer a view of her lovely big arse as she pulls her sheer nylon knickers down her sexy stockinged legs to her heels.

Kneeling on the sofa Nina tilts up her gorgeous arse and spreads the cheeks with her hands, suggesting you might like to fuck her from behind in her stockings and suspenders.

Nina is so hot and horny by now and her pussy is dripping with her cream, so she lays back with her legs spread wide and teases her clit while finger fucking her juicy pink slit.

As her hand increases it’s rhythm and the pleasure builds up in her hot pussy, she encourages you to wank your cock and cum with her as she reaches an intense orgasmic climax.


May 102013
Horny Schoolgirl Masturbating In Sexy Panties, Black Nylon Stockings And White Suspenders At VF Academy

Sexy schoolgirl Kiana masturbates in her sheer nylon panties, black nylon stockings ans white vintage suspenders in this video at VF Academy

Kiana is feeling very horny and wants you to join her for a masturbation session in her bedroom, where she’s promised to show you her panties, nylon stockings and suspenders.

She may look sweet and innocent, but this dirty little minx is gagging to see you take out your cock and give it a wank. Sitting so that you have a view up her skirt, she rubs her hand over the front of her sheer nylon panties through which you can see the slit of her teenage pussy.

Kiana’s slender, shapely legs look so incredibly sexy in her fully-fashioned stockings as she lays on the bed; the line of the black seam drawing your gaze up to the tops of her nylons, which are attached to the metal clasps of her vintage suspender belt.

Kiana gets on her knees to give a view of her ass in sheer, clingy nylon and the taut suspenders which stretch down the back of her soft thighs and pull on the shiny, nylon welt of her seamed stockings. Then she hooks her thumbs into the elastic waist of her knickers and slowly pulls them down until they are stretched around her legs, where her stockings slightly wrinkle at the back of her knees.

Still kneeling she offers up her lovely soft buttocks and her fresh, pink pussy, all nicely framed by the webbing of her suspender belt and the top of her stockings. Then she puts her hands between her thighs to rub her clitoris and slips her fingers inside her moist slit as she encourages you to masturbate with her to climax.


Apr 212013
Sasha Cane - Sexy Schoolgirl Masturbating In Black Suspenders, Seamed Nylon Stockings And Heels At VF Academy

Sexy Schoolgirl Sasha Cane masturbates in her black suspenders, seamed nylon stockings and heels in this video at VF Academy

Sasha was caught lifting her skirt and showing the boys her sexy black nylon stockings, suspenders and panties, so has been sent to stay in detention for the rest of the afternoon.

Sitting on the edge of the teacher’s desk, she runs her hands up her slender legs in fully-fashioned stockings and gives you a look right up her skirt at the crotch of her sheer nylon knickers.

Feeling turned on by her exhibitionism, she unzips her pleated skirt and lets it slide down her seamed stockinged legs to the floor, revealing she is wearing a sexy black suspender belt that clings to the shape of her hips, pulling her buttocks tightly together.

Sasha rubs her hands over the front of her panties to give her pussy a feel, then removing her bra she tweaks and rolls the erect brown nipples of her firm, round tits between the tips of her fingers.

Standing in her high heels she gives a rear view of the taut suspenders attached to the tops of her nylon stockings as she bends over and pulls her black knickers down her shapely legs.

Climbing on top of the teacher’s desk, Sasha kneels with her fabulous bum tilted upwards so that her arse and pussy are in full view, then reaches between her legs and gives her teen cunt a good rub.

Inserting her fingers between the lips of her moist pussy she masturbates in that position, the puckered ring of her arse and slit of her pussy in full view and all nicely framed by her naughty garterbelt and seamed nylon stockings.


Mar 212013
Busty MILF Danica Hoovering In Seamed Nylon Stockings And Heels

Busty MILF Danica does the hoovering in her short skirt, fully-fashioned nylon stockings and heels in this video

Busty Milf Danica always enjoys doing her housework while wearing short skirts, fully-fashioned nylon stockings and heels as it make her feel so sexy.

Her big, voluptuous tits swing inside her top as she works the hoover to and fro, causing her suspenders to pull on the tops of her nylon stockings as she moves around her apartment.

The rhythm of her hoovering makes her think of being fucked for some reason and makes her pussy tingle and feel wet between her legs.

Feeling energized after finishing her housework and very satisfied with her nice clean apartment, she decides it’s time to relax and indulge in a little ‘me time’…

Danica lies on the newly hoovered floor and spreading her stockinged legs wide open she rubs the outer lips of her gaping pussy, then massaging her throbbing clitoris she builds up her pleasure and orgasms in her sexy nylon stockings, suspenders and heels.

It’s just one of the things she enjoys about being a ‘wifey’ in nylon stockings and suspenders, is that she can masturbate any time she feels like it.


Mar 082013
Brook Logan - Sexy Blonde Schoolgirl Masturbates In Wrinkled Seamed Nylon Stockings And Suspenders Video At Vintage Flash

Sexy Blonde Schoolgirl Brook Logan Masturbates In Her Wrinkled Seamed Nylon Stockings And Suspenders At Vintage Flash

Sexy blonde schoolgirl Brook was laying on her bed with her legs open showing off her white cotton knickers, stockings tops and suspenders under her short skirt when she notices you looking at her panties.

Pretending to be shocked at you staring at her knicker crotch, the little cocktease doesn’t try to hide the view up her skirt, but lays there grooming her long blonde hair enjoying the attention you are giving to her sexy panties.

Brook then slips her fingers inside her panties and plays with her pussy with her hand hidden behind the material of her cotton knickers, then kneels on the bed so her ass is tilted upwards for a view of her panties pulled tight around the mound of her sweet teen pussy.

Standing, she lifts up her skirt for a view of her white cotton knickers framed by the webbing of her garter belt and the tops of her black nylon stockings. She then strips out of her uniform and kneels once more on the bed to give a rear view of her seamed nylon stockings and suspenders as she tugs down her panties.

Still kneeling with her ass in the air and the puckered ring of her ass on view, she slips several fingers inside her hot pussy and finger fucks her tight teen pussy until she orgasms in an intense climax.


Natalia Forrest – Sexy Blonde Masturbating In Seamed Nylon Stockings, Suspenders And Heels

 Fully-Fashioned Nylons, Nylon Stocking Sex, Nylon Stocking Sluts  Comments Off on Natalia Forrest – Sexy Blonde Masturbating In Seamed Nylon Stockings, Suspenders And Heels
Feb 012013
Sexy Secretary Masturbates In Fully-Fashioned Nylon Stockings And Suspenders

Natalia Lifts Up Her Dress And Finger Fucks Her Tight Pussy In This Video At Nylon Stocking Sluts

Natalia sits at her desk, dressed in a 50s style dress, chocolate coloured fully-fashioned nylon stockings and a sexy pair of peep toe, high heels. Deciding to take a break, she stands and gives you a peek up her dress as she twirls around in her petticoat and flashes her knickerless, shaved pussy.

Natalia then invites you up to her bedroom and gets you to follow behind so she can flash her peachy bottom framed by her tantalizing suspender and stocking tops as she ascends the staircase.

Entering her bedroom, this saucy stockinged slut slips out of her dress and sitting on the bed she removes her heels and treats you to some close up views of her feet in seamed nylon stockings. She then encourages you to rub you stiff cock as she bends over and teases your desire to fuck her with more views of her peachy arse cheeks through her transparent petticoat.

Getting onto the bed, she lays back to open her stockinged legs and spreads the lips of her pussy, then moves into a kneeling position with her head down and her arse up as she slides several fingers into her tight little hole.

Natalia reaches for a pink vibrator and getting her arse back up in the air and her face down on the bed, she slips the vibro into her juicy cunt, offering you a perfect view of her seamed stockinged legs as she pumps her pussy with her sex toy.

Turning over onto her back she continues pounding her juicy hole, lifting her stockinged feet into the air so you get a terrific view of her nyloned soles. Then lying on her side, this horny young bitch fucks herself with the vibrator deep in her twat and brings herself to orgasm.


May 212012

Scarlet Lovatt Dirty Schoolgirl Pulling Down Her Knickers To Masturbate In Her Sexy Black Nylon Stockings and Suspenders Video

Naughty schoolgirl Scarlet pulls down her knickers and masturbates in her black nylon stockings in this video at VF Academy.

Scarlet was studying her course work when she notices you looking at her sexy legs in black nylon stockings and high heels.

Lifting up her uniform dress, she lets you have a better look at the array of metal suspender clasps firmly attached to the tops of her sexy stockings.

She smiles with naughty pleasure as she unbuttons her blouse and plays with her big boobs, smoothing her hands over their silky roundness and brushing the nipples with her fingers.

Scarlett takes off her dress and looking back over sher shoulder, she bends slightly and pulls her knickers down over the bumps of her saucy suspenders.

Kneeling on the floor she presents her pussy in full view, nicely framed by the straps of her suspenders stretching round the buttocks of her naked ass.

Scarlet then rubs her hot clitoris and inserting her fingers into the open slit of her hot pussy, she vigorously wanks herself off to a satisfying climax.

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Apr 072012

Lara Fucked In Her Sexy Black Nylon Stockings And Suspenders


Lara and Jim run into a plumber and talk him into going back to their place to ‘fix a blockage’. While the plumber is laying on his back under the sink looking at the pipes, Lara undoes his overalls and takes out his prick. Wrapping her lips around his stiff boner, the plumber lays back enjoying the feel of Lara’s hot mouth as she greedily sucks on his bell end.

Taking things further they head into the living room where Lara gets onto the couch. The plumber pushes her seamed stockings legs all the way to her shoulders as he thrusts his cock deep into her muff. He fucks Lara hard and fast, ramming his thick cock into her hot cunt, then taking out his prick he gets his head between her stockinged thighs and licks her coochie.

Lara gets on her knees and the plumber grabs her suspendered ass and fucks her from behind, plunging his meaty cock into her throbbing fuck hole making her beg for more. He then fucks her as she lays on her side, before she straddles his legs and the guy fills her cock hungry cunt with hard thrusts of stiff prick.

After getting thoroughly fucked by the horny plumber, Lara gets a facial as the guy shoots his a load of hot cum all over her face and into her mouth.



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