Lady Sonia – Busty Secretary In Suspenders and Black Seamed Nylon Stockings

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Nov 012015
2015 Lady Sonia Busty Mature Secretary In Suspenders and Seamed Nylon Stockings

Busty secretary Lady Sonia is waiting for you in her office dressed in in suspenders and black seamed nylon stockings

Lady Sonia often gets bored in the office all by herself, and when she gets bored her high sex drive kicks in and she feels a desperate need to be a COMPLETE SLUT for a total stranger!

Now that YOU have walked into her office perhaps she can show you what she gets up to while there isn’t anyone else about. Dressed in her sexy nylon stockings and suspenders, Sonia will get her huge tits out and play with them while she tells you exactly what it is that she wants to do with you!

“Are you a leg man? I hope you are, because I only ever wear fully-fashioned stockings,” Sonia says, lifting up the back of her tight pencil skirt to give you a look at the tops of her nylons and the line of the contrast seam running up the back of her shapely legs.

“I will show you EVERYTHING that you want to see… You only need to ask, and I will be your complete SLUT! Your very own personal MILF Fuck Toy!” Sonia says, so willing to be a dirty slut for your pleasure and desperate to watch you wank your cock, while she strips off and masturbates on the desk in her slutty fully-fashioned nylons and suspenders.

“Please let me see your cock… If you show me your cock I will show you EVERYTHING that you want to see… I promise!”


Lady Sonia in ‘Fucking Machine Orgasms’

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Sep 242007

Exciting news at Lady Sonia as she has recently installed a fucking machine in her ’sex therapy clinic’. For her very first machine video ‘Fucking Machine Orgasms’ she has done another of her ‘one to one’ videos, where she speaks directly to her members as if she were giving them an intimate, private session. Sonia likes to talk dirty in her posh English accent throughout these ‘one to one’ videos, which is what makes these videos so exciting.

In ‘Fucking Machine Orgasms’ Sonia lets us watch as she sucks on the realistic looking cock attached to the end of the machines extended arm. As she licks it, she asks us to ‘watch her cum first’ and then ‘fuck her’ later when the machine is doing her in the same way.

Firstly, Sonia lays back and masturbates with a vibrator, rubbing it over her clitoris until she cums with a very vocal orgasm. Then she sets the machine in motion and lets us watch as it penetrates her hairy cunt and fucks her until she climaxes hard.

Sample clips from ‘Fucking Machine Orgasms’ can be seen in gallery 1, gallery 2 and is available to download from her fetish-video-empire area.

Lady Sonia in ‘While The Husbands Away’

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Jul 152007

soniagirdle.jpgLady Sonia loves a black cock and in ‘While The Husbands Away’ she takes the opportunity to enjoy some big cock fun with one of her well endowed studs.

Dressed in her white girdle, seamed fully-fashioned nylon stockings and heels, Sonia rubs this guys enormous 10 inch cock over and around her stonkingly hard nipples. Then her Ladyship gets down to giving him the oral treatment and you can hear just how much Lady Sonia is enjoying herself as she slurps on this big black piece of man meat. While the stud massages Lady Sonia’s cunt and asshole with his firm masculine hands, she sits astride his chest and jerks him off until he ejaculates copious amounts of thick white sperm. You can hear Lady Sonia cum hard at the same time as the stud’s spunk spurts out of his cockhead and his cum juice spills down over her fist as it grasps his enormous shaft.

‘While The Husbands Away’ has just been released, so here are some video samples in gallery 1, gallery 2, gallery 3, gallery 4. Members can access all of her videos and images which can be fully downloaded, including those of her bonus sites, making Lady Sonia the UK’s most popular erotic website enjoyed by thousands of men, women and couples.