Jun 302013
Lady Sonia Busty Secretary Masturbates In Nylon Stockings And Suspenders

Busty secretary Lady Sonia gets out her tits and masturbates in her fully-fashioned nylon stockings and suspenders

Sometimes husbands prefer it when their wives get safe little office jobs to keep them busy if they are away on business a lot… The only problem for Lady Sonia is that she gets very bored in the quiet office all by herself, and when she gets bored her high sex drive kicks in and she feels a desperate need to be a COMPLETE SLUT for a total stranger!

Now that YOU have walked into her office perhaps she can show you what she gets up to while there isn’t anyone else about, like today… Dressed in her sexy nylon stockings and suspenders, Sonia will get her huge tits out and play with them while she tells you exactly what it is that she wants to do with you!

“Are you a leg man? I hope you are, because I only ever wear fully-fashioned stockings,” Sonia says, lifting up the back of her tight pencil skirt to give you a look at the tops of her nylons and the line of the contrast seam running up the back of her shapely legs.

“I will show you EVERYTHING that you want to see… You only need to ask, and I will be your complete SLUT! Your very own personal MILF Fuck Toy!” Sonia says, so willing to be a dirty slut for your pleasure and desperate to watch you wank your cock, while she strips off and masturbates on the desk in her slutty fully-fashioned nylons and suspenders.

“Please let me see your cock… If you show me your cock I will show you EVERYTHING that you want to see… I promise!”


May 092012

Lady Sonia Masturbating In Car In Black Nylon Stockings and Suspenders Video

Lady Sonia goes for a ride in her car flashing at passing drivers, then she masturbates in her black nylon stockings and suspenders at the roadside in her latest video.

Lady Sonia was feeling bored while her husband was at the office, so seeking some excitement she got in her car and headed up the motorway. She felt a thrill as she drove in her car with her huge tits spilling out of her open dress, and the tops of her nylon stockings and naked pussy exposed for all to see.

Whenever large trucks went by, Sonia opened her legs and flashed her stockings and suspenders at the passing truck drivers, who were able to see right into her car. She enjoyed their reactions and wondered if her provocative behavior would lead to anything more daring. Sonia secretly hoped to meet one of the truckers further up the motorway, where she would suck them off in a layby and have them shoot their cum all over her face.

Sonia’s flashing activities made her feel so horny she really needed to masturbate, so she pulled into one of the roadside stops and got into the back of her car to get comfortable. Opening her stockinged legs she then stuffed a vibrator straight up her slippery pussy, already dripping wet with all the excitement she had got from exposing herself that day.

Pushing the vibrator deep inside her pussy, Sonia imagined she was being fucked from behind by some stranger with a big hard cock. If only one of those drivers would find her now: she’d unzip their pants, suck on their cocks and get them to grab hold of her ass while they fucked her hard from behind in stockings and suspenders.

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Apr 192012

English Lady Sonia Fucking Dildo In Nylon Stockings And Suspenders in 'Stretch My MILF Pussy' Video

‘If I’m going to fuck a cock, I want one with a gorgeous knob,’ Lady Sonia says, kneeling in nylon stockings and suspenders with an array of her favorite dildos laid out on her kitchen top.

A lot of Lady Sonia’s fans had written too her personally, requesting a video where she stuffs her cunt with a huge dildo and make it stretch wide.

Up for the challenge Sonia begins by showing us her collection of dildos, one of which includes a big black 14 inch monster cock which she has some doubts about. The monster cock is so fucking huge she thinks getting it inside her cunt as may be a bit of a stretch, but she promises to work up to it.

Sonia decides instead to attempt penetration with another very large flesh colored dildo, and squatting in her nylon stockings and heels she inserts the thick cock head into the opening of her pussy.

‘That is big, that is so bloody big’ Sonia says, pushing down on the flesh like dildo, feeling it stretching the walls of her beautiful cunt as she bears down on it. But Sonia can only take so much of this huge cock, and putting it to one side she chooses to fuck a shorter in length, yet equally thick black dildo.

‘Look at that’, Sonia remarks, touching the bell end of the black dildo she is about to insert. ‘I’d feel that push into my cunt, right the way up, and that would make me cum so fast!’

Kneeling on the kitchen top in her black nylon stockings, Sonia straddles her ‘little black friend’ and manages to get it deep inside her fuck hole. The lips of her labia stretch around the shaft as she rides up and down on the thick black cock, then applying a buzzing vibrator to her throbbing clitoris she works up to an intense orgasmic climax.


Aug 142011

Lady Sonia encourages you to watch as she exposes her pussy and ass, then masturbates to orgasm in her latest nylon stocking sex video‘Cum To Bed With Me Please’.

Her ladyship loves exposing her cunt to strangers, knowing they are watching and getting excited at the sight of a lady as she pulls her pussy wide open.

Sitting on the stairs in her black nylon stockings and suspenders with her knees drawn up, Lady Sonia pulls the lips of her labia wide apart and fingers her pussy, making wet sounds as she stirs them in her sticky fuck hole.

Sonia then kneels on the stairs, her rounded buttocks framed by the straps of her black suspenders which stretch down and pull at the tops of her seamed full-fashioned nylons.

Her ladyship then lasciviously pulls the globes her ass cheeks apart with both hands, exposing the puckered ring of her arse for your enjoyment.

Sonia then invites you up to her bedroom, where she reclines on the bed with her stockinged legs apart and fingers her gaping cunt.

Pulling her pussy lips wide open, she asks you to lick her throbbing clitoris and taste her hot cunt as she masturbates to climax.


Mar 212010


Every guy who has a female employer, especially if she wears stockings, suspenders and heels, fantasizes about having sex with their boss in the office.

Fortunately for this lucky lad his employer is Lady Sonia, who offers to suck and wank his cock to relive his sexual stress in ‘His First Masturbatrix Experience’ (See Trailer).

Lady Sonia caught her new office recruit wanking over one of her movies one lunchtime, so she decided to give him a helping hand.

Sonia is more than happy to get her hands around this chap’s stiff member and give it a good stroke with her expert hands. But soon Sonia is bending over so she can put his rather large cock in her mouth and give it a good suck and lick.

While her young employee watches porn, Sonia works on his stiff prick, running her tongue around the rim of his bell-end and ticking the slit of his peehole.

She’s hungry for this young man’s sperm, but the pleasure is drawn out as he holds back his jizz.

Having removed her skirt, Sonia gets on her knees in her stockings and suspenders, then goes to work on extracting his youthful spunk from his tight balls.

After giving him a good cock sucking, Sonia lets him aim his cock at her breasts and wank himself until he finally shoots his wad over her mature tits.

Dec 142009
India Experiences A Forced Orgasm In 'Shy Housewife Used Hard'

India Fucked In Seamed Stockings In 'Shy Housewife Used Hard'

Lady Sonia invited her new friend India over to try out Sonia’s ‘fucking machines’ in the latest Lady Sonia movie – ‘Shy Housewife Used Hard’.

Dressed in seamed two-tone nylons, wide garter-belt and heels, India is first made to stretch her cunt with a dildo and masturbate. Lady Sonia joins in and applies a large buzzing vibrator to India’s pierced clitoris to increase her pleasure, and India reaches a shuddering climax.

Next India is introduced to the fucking machine. Lying on her side the dildo penetrates her pussy from behind and Sonia turns up the control to increase the rhythm of the machine. India’s whole body trembles and she experiences intense pleasure as the machine fucks her relentlessly in several positions.

Next Sonia gives India a surprise and introduces her to a naked, big cocked stud. Sonia tells India she has run out of condoms, but India is so desperate to fuck the guy she lets him fuck her anyway.

It’s good she took the opportunity, as the stud gives her a throughly good fucking in her stockings and suspenders, in lots of positions, and finishes by spunking over her face and chest.

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Oct 032009
Lady Sonia Chained In Bondage And Fucked By The Tradesman

Lady Sonia Chained In Bondage And Fucked By The Tradesman

Lady Sonia is chained, dominated and fucked hard in her nylon stockings by a rough tradesman in ‘Married Lady Chained And Used Hard’

Lady Sonia was about to leave for a meeting, but just before she left the house she checked on the progress of her new ‘play room’, which was being completed by a rather muscular and tattooed painter and decorator.

The demanding tradesman, determined to have his way with Lady Sonia, demands she strip out of her clothes. Complying to his wishes, she removes her dress until she is only wearing her stockings, suspenders and heels. Then he cuffs her wrists and ankles to the painters scaffold tower.

Removing his overalls, the muscular guy forces his huge cock into her mouth, making Sonia use her tongue to lick his swollen cockhead. He watches as she licks his pee-hole, her eyes peering over the rim of her spectacles as her mouth accommodates his huge prick.

The decorator makes Sonia lick his ball sack while he wanks his shaft over her face. Then he stuffs his meat into the tight ‘o’ ring of her mouth and fucks her oral orifice, deriving great pleasure from it.

He uses his fingers to play with Sonia’s cunt, and when she is juiced up he goes down on her, burying his head between her stockinged thighs and giving her gaping hole a good tonguing.

Sonia struggles helplessly as he holds her by the throat with one hand and licks her cunt, using his other hand to feel her up in whatever manner he likes. Then unbuttoning her blouse, he squeezes her tits and bites hard on her nipples, which are already erect with excitement.

Next he makes her ladyship stand in her stockings and heels, and chains her wrists to the side of the scaffolding so they are secure. He forces Sonia into several different positions and uses her for his pleasure, pounding his huge erection deep into her slippery cunt now flowing with juices that slide down her inner thighs.

He fucks her roughly in any and all positions, grabbing her hips and titties as he fucks her with his swift prick, and all of the time Lady Sonia is chained and helpless as he enjoys her in every way that he wants!

Finally, after he has had his fill of pounding her hard, he once again forces Sonia to take his cock in her mouth. As his bulging cockhead bounces off her tongue he shoots his thick semen into her suppliant orifice, causing strands of cum to dribble down her chin and drop onto her voluptuous tits.

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Sep 032009
Lady Sonia Fucked In Her Nylon Stockings In 'While Her Husband Is At Work'

Lady Sonia Fucked In Her Nylon Stockings 'While Her Husband Is At Work'

Lady Sonia invites the builder around and gets fucked in her black nylon stockings, in ‘While Her Husband Is At Work’.

Sonia had shaved her pussy that morning, and the sensation of her smooth naked cunt made her feel so horny and desperate for hard and very rough sex, she insisted the builder call around immediately.

Lady Sonia dressed for sex in a white garterbelt and black nylons, and by the time the builder arrived her cunt was dripping wet with anticipation, she was so in need of worshiping this young stud’s massive cock.

As soon as the builder was naked, her Ladyship got to work on his tool, wanking it with both hands, while he fondled her tits with his strong hands. Then the builder gave Sonia’s shaven cunt a good tonguing as she stood before him in her nylon stockings and garters.

Worshiping her Ladyship’s cunt, he inserted his finger up her wet slit, and sucked hard on the hard nub of her clitoris, causing her to gasp and shudder with pleasure.

Then sitting down in the chair, Sonia opened her stockinged legs wide, and the rough tradesman went down on her again, this time tonguing her arsehole as well as her cunt. The extra sensation of his rough stubble against her naked sex turned her on even more, and by now she was ready to let him enjoy himself in any way that he wanted…

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Aug 012009


In ‘The Unfaithful Wife And The Young Photographer’ Lady Sonia invites a handsome younger guy to her studio where he takes photos of her as she poses in her nylons, suspender-belt and heels.

With her tits fully exposed and hanging out of the top of her blouse, Sonia poses for the young man according to his wishes, giving him the best views of her legs, boobs and pussy.

Of course Sonia’s motive in inviting him to her studio is to seduce him, and once he has enough shots, Sonia gets on her knees, undoes his fly, takes out his erect cock and sucks him off. But it does not stop there..

Sonia gets him to fuck her from behind as she leans over her glass topped desk. He grabs her arse and stocking clad thighs as he pumps his stiff cock into Lady Sonia giving her a rough shafting.

Then she sucks him off as he reclines in the chair, before straddling his thighs and bouncing up and down on his thick erection. The webbing of Sonia’s suspender-belt tugs and pulls at her stocking tops with each movement as she rides her virile young stallion.

Next he has her bent over the chair and once again he is fucking her from behind, thrusting his stiff rod into Lady Sonia’s hot quim.

Finally he pulls out and Sonia gets on her knees.. sucking and wanking his shaft, Sonia brings him to the point of orgasm, and allows him to shoot his load of sticky cum over her face, which she gladly receives.

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Jul 142009
 Vicky Peach Fucked In her Nylon Stockings By 'Mr Unmerciful'

Vicky Peach Fucked In her Nylon Stockings By 'Mr Unmerciful'

British teen sensation Vicky Peach visits Lady Sonia’s place and pleasures herself with dildos and a fucking machine in this video movie – ‘Vicky Peach vs Mr Unmerciful’.

‘Mr Unmerciful’ is built only for one purpose.. to fuck a lady relentlessly with speed, power and a unique thrusting action which is guaranteed to make ANY lady scream!

Vicky began by stripping out of her top and tight denim jeans, putting on a black suspender belt, and rolling on a pair of barely black, fully-fashioned nylon stockings.

Then reclining half naked on the sofa, except for her nylons and a pair of high patent stilettos, Vicky lights up a cigarette, blows smoke, and reads ‘Country Life’ as she contemplates taking the virginity of ‘Mr Unmerciful’.

Vicky first prepares herself by lubing up one of Lady Sonia’s largest floppy latex dildos, and spreading her legs wide open, inserts the fat object up her shaven cunt.

Vicky joyously plunges the latex cock up her sex hole, while rubbing her clitty for extra stimulation with her other hand, which causes her to draw in sharp breaths of excitement as she masturbates.

Turning and kneeling in a position so we get a perfect view of her seamed nylons and perfectly rounded arse, she continues to masturbate. Vicky makes delightful noises of sexual pleasure as she stuffs her cunt with the latex cock dong, enthusiastically thrusting it up herself until she reaches her first orgasm.

Then attaching a large cock shaped dildo to Lady Sonia’s fucking machine ‘Mr Unmerciful’, Vicky lies back with her stocking legs open and lets the machine get to work.

Soon she is moaning with increasing delight as ‘Mr Unmerciful’ thrusts unrelentingly into her vagina, forcing Vicky to orgasm again and again without any compromise.

Throughly enjoying herself, Vicky lies back and cocks both of her seamed stockinged legs in the air so as to give the machine even more access to her intimate parts. Now she is totally carried away by her sexy machine lover, vigorously rubbing and slapping her throbbing clitoris as the relentless cock machine continues to cause her to feel wave upon wave of orgasmic pleasure.

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