Lana Cox – Classy Lady Masturbating In Coffee Coloured Nylon Stockings And Heels

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Sep 132013
Leggy Lana Cox masturbating in nylon stockings

Classy Lady Lana masturbates in her coffee coloured fully-fashioned nylon stockings and heels

Lana’s husband is always away on business, leaving her alone for weeks at a time. What she needs is a man who will treat her like a lady, take her out for dinner or on a shopping spree, where he can help her choose some sexy underwear, fully fashioned stockings and heels.

While she dreaming of having a man, right now she’s sitting at home feeling horny, thinking about all the sexy lingerie and nylon stockings she would like to buy and wear for her ‘sugar daddy’.

‘Do you prefer seeing me without any panties on?’ Lana asks, as she sits with her legs open, showing her naked cunt framed by her suspenders and the tops of her stockings. ‘Or would your prefer to see me wearing my expensive satin panties?’

Lana gets so aroused she slips a vibrator between the lips of her of her gorgeous cunt and as you watch her masturbate in her delicious, coffee coloured, full-fashioned nylons and sexy heels.

Lana likes to escort appreciative gentlemen who prefer women with class and style, so get in touch. Just make sure you ‘sugar’ her properly…


Leggy Lana Teasing Cock With Her Feet In Black Nylon Stockings

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Mar 272012

Lana Cox Stocking Feet Stroking and Wanking Erect Cock

Leggy Lana takes off her shoes and teases a cock with her feet in black nylon stockings to full erection. Then she wraps one of her stockings over the bell-end and sucks it off. See her in this video at Leggy Lana.

Lana Cox believes sex is more exciting in nylon stockings and enjoys wearing them at home, in the office, or on her travels, where she always looking out for a new and exciting sexual encounters.

She always looks immaculately dressed and prefers classic style with fully fashioned stockings, extremely high heels, top of the range pantyhose and well tailored suits.

Her sexual appetites go beyond seducing men and making them worship her legs and feet in super sexy full-fashioned nylons, though.

Always eager to experiment and try the new things, Lana also likes to explore the other side of her sexuality, enjoying girly sex with females she meets at work or on social occasions.

Lana is just one of those highly sexed women who can’t get enough cock or pussy, and she’s also got a lot of sex toys to keep herself satisfied. Often, when she’s alone in the office she will spread her stockinged legs and stuff her cunt with her dildos to make herself cum hard and loud.


Oct 072011

lana cox fucked in stockings while bound to the stocks video

Lana is always interested in acting out all her fantasies, and one of them was to be put in the stocks and have her pussy fucked by a stiff dick, as seen in this video.

Usually the dominant one, bossing about her lovers and colleagues at work, Lana sometimes enjoys giving up the power and submitting to her Master.

“It’s so exciting being fed the cock in my mouth, making it grow, stiffen until it fucks my submissive pussy, waves of excitement washing over me…” Lana said about her experience of being fucked by this well hung stud who gave her what she needed.

“My mouth and cunt got pounded so hard, I groaned and moaned like a real filthy slut, letting him know he was hitting all the right buttons!”

Lana recounted, she could feel his hard cock plunging up her fuck hole as he grabbed her ass and fucked her from behind in her stockings and suspenders.

“I wanted to feel him explode in my ass so much, that when he finally let himself go I came so hard myself, squirting my wet juices everywhere. It felt so good!”


Lana Cox Fucked In Stockings By Two Cocks

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May 102010



Lana was at home feeling bored and horny, so she gets her fucking machine to give her some satisfaction, but she finds just one cock it’s not enough.

Lana wants more that just one cock filling her holes, so she calls and agency to send round a stud to satisfy her needs.

When the guy from the agency arrives, he finds Lana lying back with her stockinged legs high in the air and the machine pounding at her pussy.

The guy is really hot, with a fit muscular body that turns Lana on even more, so she tells him to feed her his cock as she so desperately wants to taste his meaty erection.

Cranking up the thrust rate of the fucking machine for maximum pleasure, Lana takes the stud’s 9 inch cock in her mouth at the same time.

She opens her stockinged legs wide as the machine thrusts it’s cock up her gaping pussy. Thrusting her head back and forth, she feels the crown of the huge cock hitting the back of her throat, gagging on the stud’s huge erection as it fills her mouth.

Being filled with two cocks at the same time sends Lana over the edge and she reaches her first climax, but she is not yet finished.

Bending over the sofa, Lana takes the machine’s cock yet again, feeling it penetrate deep into her hungry cunt as she orders the stud to fill her mouth with his delicious thick cum.

Watch Lana take two cocks, as they ram her pussy and gag her mouth at the same time, in this movie from Leggy Lana Cox.

Stocking Secretary Gets Fucked By Machine In Her Office

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Mar 092010
Stocking Secretary Lana Gets Fucked By Machine In Her Office

Stocking Secretary Lana Gets Fucked By Machine In Her Office

Stocking Secretary Lana gets fucked by a machine in her office in her movie ‘Monster Fucking Machine Office Sex’ at Leggy Lana.

Lana likes to compensate for the long hours she works at her office by indulging in horny sex sessions after hours.

When everyone is gone and the place is quiet, Lana gets out her toys and gives herself a good fucking on the desk. She gets a thrill out of wanking in her office, its exciting, and no one else knows what she gets up to when they have all gone home.

No one even suspects that she has hidden a monstrous pink fucking machine in her office cupboard. But once the last of her employess have left the building, out comes the machine, off come her panties and she is ready to experience the sexual relief she has been dying for all day.

Bending over the desk in just her stockings and suspenders, Lana lets this huge cock fuck her from behind.

The pink latex cock pounds into her pussy, pinning her to the desk, and fucking her so hard her stockinged legs are shaking.

Lying back on the desk, she lifts her seamed stockinged legs in the air and lets the long arm of the machine drive that thick cock into her hot, wet secretary’s cunt. The machine fucks her without stopping, driving that cock into her pussy with fast and hard strokes that bring her to orgasm time after time.

Download this movie of stocking secretary Lana getting fucked by the machine at Leggy Lana.

Lana Gives Black Nylon Stockings Foot Job

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Nov 172009

Lana Cox Gives Foot Job In Her Black Nylon Stockings

Lana Cox gives a nylon foot job and fucks a stranger in her black nylon stockings in this movie from Leggy Lana.

Lana loves having sex with younger guys, and she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play with this handsome stranger.

Eyeing her fantastic legs in their black nylon stockings made this guy get an erection, so big, it was difficult to conceal it in his pants.

To relieve his tension, Lana got his cock out and wrapped her stockinged feet around his throbbing shaft, making it even harder.

The sensation of her delicate, size 3 feet rubbing his hard erection was exquisite. He could have happily spunked on her stockinged feet right there and then, but there was more…

Lana took his enormous tool in her mouth, and started sucking his swollen cockhead, making it swell even bigger. Then she climbed onto his stiff pole and bounced up and down on it, throwing her blonde head back in sexual ecstasy as that big dick reamed her cock hungry cunt.

To finish off, Lana allowed him to cum all over her stockinged feet and cover them in thick, sticky sperm. It ruined her expensive nylons, but it sure was worth it!

Download this sex in black nylon stockings movie at Leggy Lana.

Lana Cox Dominated By Mistress Saffy In Nylon Stockings

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Aug 042009
Lana Cox Dominated By Mistress Saffy In Nylon Stockings

Lana Cox Dominated By Mistress Saffy In Nylon Stockings

Leg queen Lana Cox dressed in latex bra and panties is dominated and made to please her nylon stocking clad Mistress Saffy, in this hot and dirty movie.

Lana enjoys her normal role as a dominant, but has never experienced “the other side” of being a submissive slave, until now!

Dressed in latex, her mouth gaged by a rubber ball, Lana is chained to the metal bed and awaits her Mistress Saffy.

Mistress Saffy wearing a latex dress, black nylon stockings and high heel court shoes looks stunning.

She calls Lana her little slut, and punishes her by spanking her naked ass, first with her hand, then with a paddle which leaves Lana’s bottom very pink and tingling.

Saffy wastes no time in ordering Lana to service her needs, and makes Lana lick her heels, stockinged legs and pussy.

Lana tries hard to please her mistress, licking Saffy’s hot cunt and fucking it with a large black dildo. But her efforts seem to be never ending, as Mistress Saffy enjoys making Lana work hard at bringing her to orgasm.

Lana licks and licks Saffy’s clitoris with her tongue, while pushing and stretching her Mistresses’ cunt with that big black dildo until she finally cums loud and hard.


Lana Vs Danica – Lesbian Fem-Dom Bondage In Nylon Stockings

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Jul 092009
Lana And Danica Enjoy Fem-Dom Sex In Nylon Stockings

Lana And Danica Enjoy Fem-Dom Sex In Nylon Stockings

Busty milf Danica dominates Lana Cox in nylon stockings in this fem-dom and lesbian bondage fantasy video at Leggy Lana.

Lana finds herself waking up tied up to a chair and blindfolded with a stocking in an abandoned house.

She hears a familiar voice and feels soft hands roaming all over her body, and realizes it is Danica, who wants to teach her a lesson.

Danica makes Lana suck and bite her huge titties, then gets down to licking Lana’s cunt, making her squirm with pleasure in the chair she is tied to.

Then Danica removes the blindfold and shows Lana a massive black dildo that she pushes inside Lana’s gaping cunt, forcing it deep inside, and stretching her eager pussy hole to the limit.

Lana secretly enjoys being forced to have sex and before long she is released from her bondage and is pleasuring Danica with a pink vibro.

See all the hot girlie action featuring Lana and Danica in sexy seamed nylon stockings in this video from Leggy Lana.

Leggy Lana Massages Her Feet In Nylon Stockings

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Jan 182009

Lana Cox loves to go shopping, especially for lingerie and stockings and always treats herself to new purchases whenever she goes into town.

One of the downsides of trailing around the shops is that her feet get tired wearing and walking around in those 6 inch stilettos she so likes to wear. Well, looking glamorous is hard work, but Lana wouldn’t been seen without her heels and a pair of nylons with an eye catching seam running up the back of her leg.

Having got back home from shopping one day, Lana couldn’t wait to remove her shoes and rub her tired feet. It felt really good as she massaged her dainty feet and toes covered in their nylon sheath. All that massaging of her tired soles made her feel so sexy, having her feet rubbed was one of the things she enjoyed the most.

As she massaged her peds, her thoughts automatically turned to all the lovely stockings and suspender garter-belts she had been looking at all day, plus the very special purchases she had bought, which made her feel even more turned on.

Sitting relaxed in her chair, she let her hands slide over her body as she thought about all the sexy fun she would have with her new stockings and lingerie purchases.

Before she knew it her hands were pulling her damp black panties to one side and she began rubbing her fingers over her slick wet cunt. By now she was so carried away by her lustful thoughts of stockings and garter-belts, she began to feel incredibly horny.

Right now she wished she was with some guy with a rock hard cock would just fuck her silly. But there was no guy around to give her some big cock action. There was only one thing she could do and that was to use her dildo .

Sitting back in her chair with her stockinged legs wide open, she fucked herself hard with her dildo, plunging it into her cunt until she climaxed and covered her thrilling sex toy with her own sweet sex juices.

Watch this video of Lana’s lascivious masturbation in stockings at Leggy Lana.

Lana Cox in fully fashioned stockings.

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Jul 212008


Lana Cox’s personal website Leggy Lana focuses on her fabulous legs in nylon stockings and her delectable size 3 feet. Lana is a glamorous blonde who lives the nylon lifestyle and loves to wear all kinds of fine lingerie, nylon stockings, pantyhose and stiletto heels.

Lana was born and raised in Russia, in a small suburban town near Moscow and studied linguistics at university where she graduated in English, Russian and German. Getting a job as an interpreter offered her an opportunity to move to England in 1991, though instead of translating, she ended up being a successful Page3 model and Playboy centerfold.

Ever since Lana has enjoyed her fantastic lifestyle, which has enabled her to travel all over the world, though now she lives permanently in the UK. Everywhere Lana went people commented on her shapely legs and pretty size 3 feet, so she knew she just had to have her own website for those that enjoy leg sex.

Watch this hot video trailer of secretary Lana giving her co-worker a stocking footjob in her office, then see more of her nylon stocking sex videos inside…