Kimmy Haze College Rebel In Black Stockings and Suspenders

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Jun 272010


VF-Academy’s Kimmy Haze is a bit of a rebel and is often getting into trouble for letting the guy’s at the local college see up her skirt or using sexually explicit language.

Kept behind in detention for using the ‘C’ word again, Kimmy is none too pleased with her teacher.

‘She thinks I don’t know what a cunt is. I’ve got one myself, it’s right there look… Would you like to see it?’

Sitting astride the desk, Kimmy lifts her school skirt and points right at the crotch of her black see-through panties.

Feeling in a horny mood, Kimmy decides she’ll just have to entertain herself in the way she usually does, as she knows the teacher won’t be back for a good while.

Lifting her dress and standing in her black stockings and suspenders, Kimmy slips her hands down her panties and starts rubbing her hot clitty. Then with cunt juice on her fingers she deliberately wipes them on the desk so the teacher will get a a good whiff of her pussy later, without knowing where it’s coming from.

Stripping off her restrictive uniform, Kimmy shows just how naughty she is and gets down to more pussy play… Removing her panties, she spreads her stockinged legs and fingers her moist cunt causing it squelch as she sticks her fingers in and out.

Hear Kimmy taking dirty and watch as she masturbates to a satisfying orgasm in her movie ‘Kimmy – Using the ‘C’ Word’ at VF Academy.

Lady Kinky Boots Spunk Loving Stocking Slut

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Jun 122010


Diane aka Lady Kinky Boots is a lifestyle boot fetish wearer, who loves being a total slut in her thigh boots and nylon stockings.

Diane occasionally dresses in short skirts, seamed nylon stockings and thigh high leather boots and then visits upmarket hotels and restaurants to either meet or pick up guys .

It makes Diane feels like a million dollars, and of course everyone turns and looks at her, wondering who is this outrageously dressed woman, but of course she doesn’t mind.

She looks and feels like a classy slut, and knows that she will soon have a cock inside her her cunt pumping her full of spunk. She loves being a total slut with strangers, sucking and wanking off their cocks and being a spunk target for their satisfaction.

Her husband likes to watch and encourages her to be a real filthy bitch as he videos all the action, which turns Diane on even more.

She enjoys being submissive and being used, and loves it when guys wank off into her mouth, filling it full of hot spunk. She also likes having them to shoot their thick white cum all over her leather thigh high boots so she can lick it all up with her spunk loving tongue.

The thought of all you guys wanking over her movies is one of the main reasons Diane runs her site, as it’s not just a business but a great part of her sex life which she wants to share.

Diane updates her site every week with new adventures, so take a look at her latest sexual exploits at Lady Kinky Boots, she is for real!