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Danica Fucks Red In Stockings & Suspenders.


Red and Danica have known each other for years and recently got together for some dirty dildo strapon fun in stockings, suspenders and heels

Dressed in stockings, suspenders and killer heels, these two sexed-up sluts went crazy with lust for each others tits and pussy.

Red slavered over the strapon cock sandwiched between Danica’s huge boobs, sucking and lubricating¬† it with her saliva as if it was a real cock.

Not that Red really need to add some lubrication, because her cunt was sopping wet by the time Danica positioned herself behind Red and penetrated her pussy with it.

Red then straddled Danica’s stockinged thighs and groaned with pleasure as her friend’s latex penis stretched her cunt.

It was the perfect position for Red to look down and see that strapon cock pumping up insider her cunt, somewhere in valley between stockinged thighs and stretched suspender belts.

Both ladies fucked in their stockings and suspenders in lots of positions, and Danica gave Red such a pounding, she climaxed over and over as her cunt endured a relentless fucking.

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Danica Masturbating In Black Net Stockings And Suspenders In ‘Lets Cum Together’ Video

Big Tits Danica Busty MILF In Net Stockings And Suspenders Nylon Sex Video

Sit in your chair and I’ll sit in mine, and you can watch me tease myself by playing with my huge tits and juicy pussy.

Watch me squeeze my breasts and tease my nipples with my fingers and tongue. Then see my hand slip inside my panties as I spread my legs and show you how I like to be touched.

See how I pleasure myself with legs apart, stroking my pussy with my fingers and spreading my lips as I get more turned on.

Now you can get out your cock out, and show me how you like to be teased and stroked, how you like your cock held and played with to make it bigger.

Let’s see how hard you can get and then, seeing as you have been so very patient, why don’t you come over here and fuck me!


Busty MILF Danica Hoovering In Fully-Fashioned Nylon Stockings And Heels

Busty MILF Danica Hoovering In Seamed Nylon Stockings And Heels
Busty MILF Danica does the hoovering in her short skirt, fully-fashioned nylon stockings and heels in this video

Busty Milf Danica always enjoys doing her housework while wearing short skirts, fully-fashioned nylon stockings and heels as it make her feel so sexy.

Her big, voluptuous tits swing inside her top as she works the hoover to and fro, causing her suspenders to pull on the tops of her nylon stockings as she moves around her apartment.

The rhythm of her hoovering makes her think of being fucked for some reason and makes her pussy tingle and feel wet between her legs.

Feeling energized after finishing her housework and very satisfied with her nice clean apartment, she decides it’s time to relax and indulge in a little ‘me time’…

Danica lies on the newly hoovered floor and spreading her stockinged legs wide open she rubs the outer lips of her gaping pussy, then massaging her throbbing clitoris she builds up her pleasure and orgasms in her sexy nylon stockings, suspenders and heels.

It’s just one of the things she enjoys about being a ‘wifey’ in nylon stockings and suspenders, is that she can masturbate any time she feels like it.


Busty Danica Does The Housework In Her Nylon Stockings

just danica collins busty milf in nylon stockings and suspenders

Busty housewife Danica does her household chores in her nylon stockings and suspenders in this photo set at Just Danica.

‘Doing the housework is so much easier and enjoyable when you are just in your underwear’, says Danica.

Wearing just a black satin bra, silky black waist slip, black fully-fashioned nylon stockings and fluffy mules, Danica sets about cleaning her house.

Bending over as she cleans, her slip stretches tightly over her full, rounded bottom, and lifts slightly to reveal just a hint of stocking top!

Her voluptuous breasts spill out of her bra as she does the dusting; suspenders tugging tightly at the tops of her stockings as she moves and bends.

All this housework makes Danica feel hot, so she strips off a few things before she gets really down and dirty.


Secretary Danica Masturbating In Black Nylon Stockings

just danica collins secretary in black nylon stockings

Danica is sat at her office desk and drops her pen and standing she bends over to pick it up.

Her red satin panties, black nylon stocking tops and suspenders come into view as she bends and teases, making sure you get a good look at her nice firm, round arse.

The buttons on her blouse are almost popping and she catches you peeking down the top to get a look at her huge tits? Danica doesn’t mind you looking, and scoops her magnificent boobs out of red satin bra, squeezing them in her hands while you ogle at them in amazement!

Danica decides her skirt is a little too tight, so she takes it off and pulls the crotch of her panties to one side so you can get a good look at her pussy.

Danica loves to get down and dirty in the office and locks the door so nobody can interrupt. She then gets down on the floor to masturbate, and uses her high heels to stimulate her clitoris as she reaches climax in her stockings on the office floor.

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Danica’s Pin-Up Peep Show In Fully-Fashioned Nylon Stockings

Danica Big Tit MILF In Nylon Stockings And Suspenders Plays With Her Boobs And Pussy Video

Enjoy the show as you watch Danica stroke her long legs in fully-fashioned nylons and pull on her suspender straps so they tug at the welt of her stocking tops.

Danica scoops out her big breasts from the vintage corselette she’s wearing, pulling and tweeking her large nipples between her finger and thumb to make them stand erect.

As you watch Danica play with her ample charms, I know you’ll just love watching her slowly stroke and tease her pussy until she brings herself to an explosive orgasm.

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Danica Flashing By The Roadside In Her Sexy Nylon Stockings, Suspenders & Heels

Busty Danica Flashing In A Country Lane In Nylon Stockings, Suspenders and Heels
Danica needs to get her car fixed so she lifts up her skirt, pulls down her panties and flashes her sexy nylon stockings and suspenders in this video

Danica was out for a drive recently when her car broke down on a quiet country road…

‘I need a man. A man who is good with his hands, a man who will rescue me,’ Danica said to herself, as she looked under the bonnet to see if she could get the damn thing started.

As she leaned over the car, her skirt lifted higher and revealed her red suspenders and the tops of her black nylon stockings, which gave her and idea…

Perhaps she could expose herself on the roadside attract the attention of a man who would come to her rescue, so she pulled open her jacket and removed her bra to allow her voluptuous tits to hang free.

Danica then hitched up her skirt and bent over to pull her red pantie thong down her shapely legs in their seamed nylon stockings.

Now she could stand by her car and lean over to give any passers by a good look and maybe some guy would come to her aid.

So standing with her legs apart and her panties stretched around her ankles, she leaned over her car and gave her gorgeous ass a sexy wiggle in the hope of attracting their attention.


Danica Fucks Red In Stockings With Strapon

Danica and Red Fuck With Double Ended Dildo In Their Stockings & Suspenders
Danica and Red Fuck With Double Ended Dildo In Their Stockings & Suspenders

Both Red and Danica have known each other for years, and recently got together for some dirty dildo strapon fun in stockings, suspenders and heels in this movie.

As they are both quite busy doing photo shoots here and there, they both found it difficult to find a window of opportunity in their busy schedules to get together.

In an recent email she sent me she said, ‘It’s taken nearly a year for me and her to get enough time spare on the same day to do it, but it was worth it she’s a real pro.’ When they did manage to ‘fit each other in’ and get together, the results were explosive.

Dressed in stockings, suspenders and killer heels, these two sexed-up sluts really got down to business, and were so involved with each other they just didn’t stop!

As her site movies are usually 15 minutes in length and shot in real time without breaks, Red would normally rely on her cameraman to let her know when it’s time to wind up the show. But the scenes were so fucking hot, the guy just kept on videoing the action as it spontaneously unfolded.

She wrote about her hot session with Danica, saying, ‘what where meant to be 15 min odd video clips ended up at about one and half hour long as my camera man didn’t tell us when to stop!’

The most recent movie from their encounter, shows Danica giving Red such a fucking from behind with her favorite double-ender and strap-on dildo.

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