Nylon Sue – Blonde Mistress In Black Stockings And Heels Spanks Female Sub At Nylon Extreme

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Nov 012012

Nylon Sue Sexy Blonde Mistress In Black Stockings Spanks Female Sub At Nylon Extreme

Nylon Mistress Sue is the ultimate nylon fetishist for whom just one layer of nylon is never enough! Sue is one of the most experimental nylons fetishists, taking wearing nylons to the extreme with her multiple layers of stockings, pantyhose and suspender belts. She loves to ‘mix it up’, wearing her pantyhose over stockings, or stockings over pantyhose, then throw in a suspender belt or girdle for extra kinkiness before she slips a dildo up her cunt and masturbates to climax.

She also enjoys dominating and teasing her male and female subs with her stockinged legs and heels. Stuffing their pussies with dildos and forcing them to orgasm, or covering an erect cock in a nylon stocking and giving it a blow job; or wrapping her nyloned soles around a throbbing prick to then give it a good hard foot wank with her nylon clad feet.

Sue has an endless imagination when it comes to extreme nylon play wearing multiple layers of nylon stockings, panties and pantyhose, getting her clothes wet in the shower, or wanking with her sex toys for some kinky masturbation in the office.


Masturbating In Layers Of Nylon Stockings

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Oct 012010

nylon layering pantyhose and stockings fetish masturbating

Nylon fetishist Sue believes nylons are not just for wearing on your legs, but can be used in all sorts of inventive ways.

Sue and her friends adore wearing nylon stockings in the usual manner, but they also like to exercise their imaginations and try a whole variety of things to do with nylons, from the weird to the extreme.

Take a journey of discovery as the girls at Nylon Extreme show you how hot and horny they can be when stuffing nylons into their holes, ripping them to shreds, or making their slaves worship their sexy legs, cunts and asses encased in sheer nylon delight.

Whatever your nylon passion, whether it’s the sheer elegance of fully fashioned nylons, the sheer sheen of shiny pantyhose, or sexy layers of stockings and pantyhose, you can be sure that all the ladies at Nylon Extreme share the lust and love of horny nylon play.

Horny Milf Upskirt In Seamed Nylon Stockings

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Sep 232009
Nylon Jane Upskirt In Seamed Nylon Stockings

Nylon Jane Upskirt In Seamed Nylon Stockings

Horny Milf Jane poses for some upskirt views of her seamed nylon stockings in this set at Nylon Jane.

‘I recently posed for some glamour shots, and got so horny wearing these sexy outfits I couldn’t stop playing with myself in the changing rooms between sets.

‘My long legs covered in full-fashioned nylon stockings, held up by my garter-belt, made me feel so feminine and sexy. I ran my hands over my firm body, brushing my fingers over my dress, feeling up my big tits, and the line of my garter-belt that hugged my hips.

‘Allowing my finger tips to slip inside my bra, I fondled my erect nipples, making my vagina nice and ready. Then I let my fingers run down to my cunt, rubbing my hard clit and inserting two fingers deep inside my gaping hole to spread it wide open.

‘I felt the need for someone to rip open my dress, tear off my bra and maul my titties with their hands. Leaving me just wearing my sexy nylon stockings, garter belt and heels, I wanted to be taken and fucked hard.

‘Now dripping wet, I imagined a big cock as it pushes into my tight hole, pulsing and throbbing deep inside my vagina as I am being fucked in my seamed stockings and heels.

‘I have lots of nylon fun with girls, guys, and sissy cross-dressers who like to wear stockings when they fuck me, so come on over and see all the action here at Nylon Jane.’

Stella Van Gent Fetish Diva In Stockings

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Jan 122009

Fetish diva Stella van Gent dressed in one of her favorite dominatrix outfits wearing ultra short latex miniskirt, fully-fashioned nylons and Revenge platform heels for this photo session.

Stella is a lifestyle fetishist who loves wearing provocative clothing, with a particular fetish for leather, especially high heeled stiletto boots and shoes. However she also likes latex, nylon pantyhose, stockings and lingerie and she will often go out socializing in some eye catching outfit.

Stella tells us she is a dominant lady, who prefers the company of men who will adore her. As she says, ‘I enjoy the glazed looks that stare upon my long nylon covered legs and I relish the helplessness and desire that makes the men slaves of their own innermost fetishes’.

Stella believes that a correct feminine outfit should always be accompanied by stockings or high quality pantyhose, which for Stella, are something of a must have whenever she goes out. She enjoys the feel of the nylon she wears and tells us, ‘I do not like to wear strings or thongs when I wear pantyhose, because I love the sensational pure feeling of the material on my skin’.

Stella’s images are striking and are similar to such images produced by erotic photographers Günter Blum, Karl Louis, Christophe Mourthe and Trevor Watson. Her site is a showcase of her fetish desires in clothing and you can see samples of her remarkable imagery here at Stella van Gent.