Submissive Wife In Nylon Stockings, Suspenders And Heels Forced to Orgasm

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Sep 012013
Sumbissive Wife In Nylon Stockings, Suspenders And Heels Dominated By Her Husband

Submissive wife in seamed nylon stockings, suspenders and heels bends over and is forced to orgasm in this video at Nylon Stockings Sluts

Holly returned home from a tiring day at the office and all she wanted to do was slip out of her clothes, including her fully fashioned seamed stockings, and have a soak in the bath to unwind. However, when she entered the living room, she found her hubby was already at home after an early finish at work and he was feeling very horny.

Her husband pulled Holly onto his lap and ran his hands all over her stockinged legs, then as he put his hand up her skirt to feel her suspenders, he discovered his slutty wife had been to work without wearing any knickers.

The fact that his wife had been at work all day without any knickers on aroused his lust, and pushing his head between her stockinged thighs, he teased her clit with his tongue and stuck it up her gaping pussy hole to lick the cream off her juicy, cunt lips….

Holly had forgotten how tired she was and felt extremely aroused by having her cunt licked, so she got on her knees and tilted her ass upwards and mooned it at him like a filthy, wanton whore.

Suddenly, she felt her husband’s fingers slipping between the lips of her tight cunt and the wetness of his tongue as it flickered over the puckered ring of her exposed bumhole, sending waves of erotic of pleasure through her body.

Holly enjoyed having her husband dominating her like this and offered no resistance as he fastened her legs with a spreader bar between her ankles, then put a ball gag in her mouth and cuffed her wrists so they were secured tight.

Still bending over with her arse and pussy fully exposed, he slipped a vibrator up her cunt and then applied the head of a vibrating ‘magic wand’ to her throbbing clit, which caused her to experience an intense, forced orgasm.

Holly was now totally abandoned to lust and dropping her head down, she licked and sucked on her hubby’s big heavy balls and wrapped her hot, wet mouth around the thick, purple crown of his cock and gave it a good old suck.


Buxom Blond Maid In Uniform Masturbates In Seamed Nylon Stocking And Suspenders

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Jul 012013
Fat Horny Blonde Maid Masturbates In Seamed Stockings, Suspenders and Heels At Nylon Stocking Sluts

Buxom blonde babe Raphaella teases and masturbates in her maids uniform, seamed nylon stockings and suspenders

Blond buxom babe Raphaella dresses in her skimpy French maid’s outfit and gives a view of her grey fully fashioned nylons and multi-suspenders as she gets on with cleaning the apartment.

You’ll just want to reach out and grab her big arse when she bends over and wipes down the leather sofa with her yellow duster, while giving you a terrific view of her sexy stocking tops and curvy soft arse cheeks.

With her huge, soft creamy tits pulled out her maid’s uniform and her tight shaven pussy on view, this horny stocking slut keeps up the sexy chat as she lays back, opens her nylon clad legs and slips her hand down between her plump thighs to rub and tease her fat clit and pussy.

She’d like nothing more than for you to get between her chunky thighs and sink your hard cock deep in her sopping wet cunt and give her the fucking she needs in her slutty stockings and suspenders.

Instead she has to make do with her fingers and inserts two of them knuckle deep inside her cunt to get her juices flowing. Then slipping in a third finger she stretches her pussy open, before getting on her knees and shoving her shapely bum cheeks up in the air as she continues to pleasure herself….


Natalia Forrest – Sexy Blonde Masturbating In Seamed Nylon Stockings, Suspenders And Heels

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Feb 012013
Sexy Secretary Masturbates In Fully-Fashioned Nylon Stockings And Suspenders

Natalia Lifts Up Her Dress And Finger Fucks Her Tight Pussy In This Video At Nylon Stocking Sluts

Natalia sits at her desk, dressed in a 50s style dress, chocolate coloured fully-fashioned nylon stockings and a sexy pair of peep toe, high heels. Deciding to take a break, she stands and gives you a peek up her dress as she twirls around in her petticoat and flashes her knickerless, shaved pussy.

Natalia then invites you up to her bedroom and gets you to follow behind so she can flash her peachy bottom framed by her tantalizing suspender and stocking tops as she ascends the staircase.

Entering her bedroom, this saucy stockinged slut slips out of her dress and sitting on the bed she removes her heels and treats you to some close up views of her feet in seamed nylon stockings. She then encourages you to rub you stiff cock as she bends over and teases your desire to fuck her with more views of her peachy arse cheeks through her transparent petticoat.

Getting onto the bed, she lays back to open her stockinged legs and spreads the lips of her pussy, then moves into a kneeling position with her head down and her arse up as she slides several fingers into her tight little hole.

Natalia reaches for a pink vibrator and getting her arse back up in the air and her face down on the bed, she slips the vibro into her juicy cunt, offering you a perfect view of her seamed stockinged legs as she pumps her pussy with her sex toy.

Turning over onto her back she continues pounding her juicy hole, lifting her stockinged feet into the air so you get a terrific view of her nyloned soles. Then lying on her side, this horny young bitch fucks herself with the vibrator deep in her twat and brings herself to orgasm.


MS Red – Naughty Teacher Demands Sex In The Classroom In Nylon Stockings And Suspenders

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Aug 292011

Busty Mature Redhead Teacher in Nylon Stockings And Suspenders Video

Fabulous MS Red has returned to Nylon Stockings Sluts as teacher Ms Jones, who puts randy old headmaster Mr. Prodder through his paces, after confronting him about what he’s been getting up to in his office with the female members of staff!

The video beings with Mr. Prodder sitting at his desk, when when Ms Red pays him a visit and starts to quiz him about what he’s been getting up to with some of the trainee teachers.

She quickly makes it clear that unless he plays ball, she’ll be on the phone to his wife to give her all the sordid details about her husband’s extra-curricular activities.

For starters, Red demands the headmaster supply her a free pair of fully-fashioned nylon stockings to replace the laddered ones she’s wearing.

He then obliges with a new pair of seamed nylons, and helps this blackmailing bitch to put them on and make sure to get her seams straight.

Then Ms Jones instructs him to lick her nyloned feet and suck her toes, before making him lick her hot pussy as she bends over him on the desk, and after teasing Miss Jones’ clit with his finger, he uses his tongue to lap up her juices.

Slipping a couple of fingers inside her hot, wet cunt, Mr Prodder uses his tongue to rim Ms Jones’ arse, then gives her cunt a hard pounding with a big red dildo.

Miss Jones decides it’s time to play with a real cock, and making him drop his pants she soon gets to work, stroking and teasing his erection with her expert hands.

Kneeling down on the floor Ms Jones plays with her lovely big tits, and grabbing hold of his cock she wanks him fast and hard, encouraging him to spray his cum all over her huge bouncy juggs!


Jun 142011

Hot UK Model Natalia Wanking In Seamed Nylons In Nylon Stocking Sluts Video

Natalia dressed in her favorite fully-fashioned nylon stockings, peep toe stilettos and new short dress in preparation for her boyfriend coming round to give her a good fucking, but he canceled their date.

Feeling really horny in her sexy underwear, Natalia decides to put on a show just for you, starting with some fabulous close up views as she caresses her stockinged feet and legs, allowing you to look up her dress at her naked pussy and admire the curves of her pert little ass.

Standing in a black girdle with taut suspender straps stretched over her soft shapely bottom down to the tops of her seamed stockings, Natalia reaches behind with both hands and spreads her arse cheeks nice and wide to give a perfect view of both her sex holes.

Laying back with her seamed stockinged legs lifted up in the air, Natalia shoves three fingers up her pussy, fucking herself deep and fast, opening up her gaping cunt to let you see right inside her pink moist fuckhole.

Natalia then lays on her side, stretching her legs to give you a superb view of the backseam of her full-fashioned nylons as she inserts a dildo inside her hot throbbing cunt.

Kneeling on all fours, Natalia uses her spare hand to stretch her bum cheek as she rams the dildo up her cunt and reaches a satisfying stocking climax.


Kayla Dressed For Sex In Seamed Nylon Stockings

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May 252010


Kayla is dressed for sex in seamed nylon stockings, high heeled mules, a leopard print skirt and low cut top in this video from Nylon Stocking Sluts.

Kayla catches you peeking up her skirt and decides to treat you to a close up look at her lovely legs and nyloned feet as she massages them in her hands.

You follow her upstairs into her bedroom, where she makes herself comfortable on the bed and removes her mules. She resumes massaging her tired aching feet, letting you see close up as she rubs her stockinged soles and toes, before laying back and rubbing them together right in your face!

Kayla hitches up her skirt, and kneeling on the bed so you can see her from behind, opens her juicy young pussy nice and wide and teases her throbbing clit with her delicate fingers.

After playing with her pert boobies, she reaches for a gold vibrator and spreads lube all over it. Then spreading her stockinged legs wide, she opens her lovely pink slit and works the toy in and out of her cunt, mixing her juices with the lube as she gets herself nice and wet.

Finishing on all fours, this horny bitch really pounds her hot sex hole until she makes herself cum, her cunt juices sluicing all over her dildo and wet thighs.

Download this movie of Kayla masturbating at home in this movie from Nylon Stockings Sluts.

Headmaster Fucks Stocking Slut Suzie Over The Desk

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Feb 072010

Suzie Gets Caught Masturbating By The Headmaster

Suzie Gets Caught Masturbating By The Headmaster

Headmaster Mr. Prodder sends Suzie to his office, having discovered she’s been shagging the male students, and tells her to wait. When he walks in to the office, he finds stocking slut Suzie masturbating with a vibrator up her pussy.

He’s about to call her parents to report the matter, but decides to get a little closer to the action, and uses his fingers to gently rub and tease Suzie’s throbbing clit.

Naughty Suzie runs her hand up and down her headmaster’s bulging crotch, before getting him to drop his trousers so she can get a closer look and feel of Sir’s cock.

Once she gets a look at Sir’s throbbing member, she stuffs it in her mouth and gives his balls a good lick and suck, tickling Sir’s nutsack with her hot little tongue.

Mr. Prodder then bends Suzie over his desk so he can finger and lick her sweet pussy. He gets so turned on he even lets his tongue slip a little lower so he can taste and tongue fuck her tight little bumhole.

Wanting to get in his good books, Suzie lays back on his desk and lets Sir fuck her in her fully-fashioned seamed nylon stockings.

See Suzie seduce her headmaster and let him fuck her in her seamed stockings in this Nylon Stocking Sluts Movie.

Penelope Heart Dressed For Sex In Black Seamed Nylon Stockings & Suspenders

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Dec 012009
Penelope Heart Dressed For Sex In Corset & Black Nylon Stockings

Penelope Heart Dressed For Sex In Corset & Black Nylon Stockings

Penelope Heart dresses for sex in black seamed nylon stockings and suspenders and gets a fucking in this Nylon Stocking Sluts movies.

Penelope decides it’s time she surprised her boyfriend Lee by dressing up in black fully-fashioned nylon stockings and suspenders, complete with stiletto heel sandals.

Entering the bedroom Penelope finds Lee under the sheets and his face soon lights up when he sees what this naughty young lady is wearing.

Removing her silk robe she reveals she is wearing a sexy black corset with 12 suspender straps attached to her black nylon stockings.

Penelope wastes no time in removing her partner’s shorts and sucking on his big hard cock, taking it right down her throat up to the balls, before getting into a 69 position so he can eat her pussy.

Her boyfriend has a real foot fetish and licks her pretty nyloned feet between the straps of her sandals, then sucks on her nylon stockinged toes. Penelope uses one of her nylon clad feet to stroke Lee’s throbbing cock, before wrapping both feet around his shaft to give him a nice firm foot wank.

She then lays on her side and Lee guides his cock into her tight pussy and starts to pound her good and deep. Penelope loves being fucked in her stockings, and soon she’s on all fours with her suspendered ass in the air to make sure she can feel that cock slamming into her from behind.

Penelope then lays back on the bed with her stockinged legs spread high and wide. Lee gets her to put her stockinged feet either side of his face so he can get even deeper inside her juicy cunt.

Lee can’t resist sucking and licking Penelope’s feet as he thrusts his huge dick into her hot pussy, and she screams out with delight as he pounds his prick into her tight fuckhole.

When it’s Lee’s turn to empty his balls, Penelope takes his erect cock in her mouth and sucks on it until his sperm erupts all over her pretty face. Lee’s hot semen runs down Penelope’s chin and drops onto her expensive fully fashioned nylon stockings.

Lolly Badcock Sucking & Fucking In Black Nylon Stockings

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Oct 232009
Lolly Badcock Sucking & Fucking In Black Nylon Stockings

Lolly Badcock Sucking & Fucking In Black Nylon Stockings

Lolly Badcock enjoys sucking, fucking, and giving her boyfriend a nylon foot job in this movie from Nylon Stocking Sluts.

Returning from their night out, Lolly and Lee are a little tipsy and very horny, and she doesn’t waste a second getting her boyfriend’s cock out of his trousers.

As she rubs and teases his shaft with one foot, he spends time kissing and licking her nyloned feet and toes. She then wraps her feet around his stiff shaft, and gives him a fabulous stockinged footjob, wanking his stiff cock with her seamed nyloned soles.

Lolly decides she’d like a taste of her boyfriends huge cock, so stretches over to deep-throat his stiff member, while he fingers her tight juicy hole and makes her wet…

Laying back, she opens her stockinged legs wide so that her boyfriend can kneel down and eat her aching cunt. Lee licks and teases her clit until she is almost begging for his cock, then guides his prick up her tight juicy hole.

Lolly lifts her nyloned legs onto his shoulders as Lee pounds into her hot cunt with long deep strokes. With her stockinged legs apart, this dirty slut takes a fast hard shafting from her guy, and shouts out for more cock!

Climbing on top of Lee with her stockinged legs either side of his thighs, Lolly bounces up and down on his stiff cock in a frenzy of lust…

Our stockinged slut then gets on all fours with her arse towards her boyfriend, and he inserts his big hard tool into her tight asshole. He fucks her ass nice and slow at first, but soon he’s giving her arse a stiff pounding, and like the cock loving horny bitch she is, Lolly loves it and shouts out for more!

After shagging her arse good and proper, Lolly kneels down on the floor and takes a huge blast of his thick cum in her hair, her mouth and on her face…

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Horny Widow Masturbating In Black Stockings

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Jun 182009
Horny Widow Sally Contemplates Masturbating In Her Black Nylon Stockings

Horny Widow Sally Contemplates Masturbating In Her Black Nylon Stockings

Elegantly dressed widow Sally gives herself sexual comfort in this movie from Nylon Stocking Sluts.

We find this mature lady in mourning having just returned from her husband’s funeral, suitably attired in a black hat, black dress and black fully fashioned stockings.

The red high heels are a hint that she may not be as grief stricken as she looks, maybe due to the fact she has just become a wealthy woman. No doubt she is on the lookout for some hunky stud to fill her late husband’s boots….not to mention her pussy!

Sally hasn’t been fucked in weeks as it’s been a difficult time, but now she is feeling really horny. Wearing those black stockings and heels, along with her widows outfit has certainly made her feel aroused and in the mood for sex. But what can she do?

There’s nothing else for it, and Sally decides that a little light relief is in order to take her mind off her dearly departed husband.

Sally removes her tight fitting black dress and shows off her fabulous red/black basque, which compliments her black fully fashioned stockings and bright red stiletto’s perfectly. Then making herself comfortable, she starts to play with her boobs and pussy. Spreading her stockinged legs wider, she really gets those fingers working on her clit, and stuffs them up and inside her mature cunt, until she climaxes and gets the relief she needs.

Please don’t feel sorry for her deceased hubby though….it’s what he would have wanted!

Download the full length movie of this elegantly dressed lady masturbating in her stockings at Nylon Stocking Sluts.