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Miss Red is totally uninhibited when it comes to sex, and loves shagging the ladies as well as sucking cocks. She’s a swinger in every sense.

Give her the opportunity for an orgasm, whether it be using a dildo, a girl or a guy (even a blow up doll), and Miss Red will suck it, lick it or ride it until she is fully satisfied.

Plus she has a real love of retro lingerie and outfits, deviant fetish wear in latex, and wears lots of corsets, stockings, suspenders and heels.

She has loads of pics and a lot of movies, (you’ll be surprised by how much) and she’s constantly updating each and every week, as she has a never ending appetite for sex and and always puts herself into every scene of her movies.

If naturally busty red heads with a love of kink are your type, then RedXxx is your girl. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Ms Red – Sexy Business Lady Masturbating In The Office In Fully-Fashioned Black Nylon Stockings

Red xxx Sexy Business Lady Masturbating In The Office In Black Stockings Video

Ms Red had been busy all morning and was looking forward to lunch hour when she would be free to undo the buttons on her blouse, let her voluptuous breasts swing free and masturbate with her favorite dildo.

While sitting at her desk she’d noticed the sensation of her suspenders pulling on the tops of her fully-fashioned nylon stockings under her skirt, which had caused her to anticipate the pleasure of having a good wank later that day.

Once all the other staff had left for lunch she locked the office door, then slipped her hands down the front of her sheer nylon panties and gave her moist cunt a good feel. Her hand moved under the fabric of her panties as she reamed the inside of her sticky hole with her fingers, causing hot cunt juices to flood over her hand and further dampen her sexy knickers.

She unzipped her skirt, letting it slip down her stockinged legs to the floor, then pulled down her panties and sat with stockinged legs spread wide so she could massage the lips of her moist cunt, now glistening with her juices.

Reaching into her top draw she pulled out a glass dildo and with one seamed stockinged leg resting on the top of the desk, she inserted the object up her cunt hole and fucked herself to a satisfying climax.


Danica Fucks Red In Stockings With Strapon

Danica and Red Fuck With Double Ended Dildo In Their Stockings & Suspenders
Danica and Red Fuck With Double Ended Dildo In Their Stockings & Suspenders

Both Red and Danica have known each other for years, and recently got together for some dirty dildo strapon fun in stockings, suspenders and heels in this movie.

As they are both quite busy doing photo shoots here and there, they both found it difficult to find a window of opportunity in their busy schedules to get together.

In an recent email she sent me she said, ‘It’s taken nearly a year for me and her to get enough time spare on the same day to do it, but it was worth it she’s a real pro.’ When they did manage to ‘fit each other in’ and get together, the results were explosive.

Dressed in stockings, suspenders and killer heels, these two sexed-up sluts really got down to business, and were so involved with each other they just didn’t stop!

As her site movies are usually 15 minutes in length and shot in real time without breaks, Red would normally rely on her cameraman to let her know when it’s time to wind up the show. But the scenes were so fucking hot, the guy just kept on videoing the action as it spontaneously unfolded.

She wrote about her hot session with Danica, saying, ‘what where meant to be 15 min odd video clips ended up at about one and half hour long as my camera man didn’t tell us when to stop!’

The most recent movie from their encounter, shows Danica giving Red such a fucking from behind with her favorite double-ender and strap-on dildo.

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