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Dirty Sluts In Black Nylon Stockings And Suspenders Stuffing Their Cunts With Cucumbers

Dirty Sluts In Black Nylon Stockings And Suspenders Stuffing Their Cunts With Cucumbers

Aunty Kathy invited her friend Dirty Angie round for coffee one morning and the conversation soon turned to sex as they talked about what was the biggest cock they had ever had.

Angie asked Kathy if she’d ever had a cock as large as a cucumber, and confessed she often likes stuffing them inside her cunt when she masturbates, as they give her a lot of pleasure.

Both ladies become aroused at the the thought of cocks as big as cucumbers fucking their holes, so they strip down to their panties, nylon stockings and suspenders and get on the sofa to masturbate.

Pulling their panties down their seamed stockinged legs, they leave them stretched around their ankles and finger the lips of their gaping pussies to make them wet and ready. Then lifting their legs up high, they insert huge fucking cucumbers in their cock hungry cunts and stuff them up their asses as they fuck themselves to orgasm.

These ladies are a right pair of filthy fucking sluts in their sexy seamed nylon stockings and heels, and sure do know how to please themselves as they fuck their holes with cucumbers stuffed up their hot cunts!


Bathtime For Red Wearing Nylon Stockings and Suspenders

Red Masturbates In The Batch Wearing Nylon Stockings and Suspenders - Red-Vintage-Flash
Red Masturbates In The Bath Wearing Nylon Stockings and Suspenders

Wet sheer coffee nylons clinging to her shapely legs, wanking her self off in the suds, still wearing her ff-nylon stockings and suspenders – that sounds like a real kinky turn on for Red!

Red loves her fetish side, and this is one of her best videos.

It begins with Red doing a slow striptease as she undresses, removing her see-through blouse, skirt and bra, until she is down to her suspender-belt and ff nylon stockings.

Then she climbs into the bath water still wearing her nylons and washes her stockinged legs with soapy suds, running her hands over the clingy wet mesh covering her nyloned legs.

All those sexy suds and nylon turns Red on real horny, so she shoves her soapy fingers up her gaping snatch and gives herself sexual relief.

Next time you are in the tub playing with your rubber ducky, keep Red in mind, and who knows, you might have a thrilling time like she did, as seen in this movie from Vintage Flash.

MILF Marlyn Masturbates In Girdle & Nylon Stockings

Marlyn Masturbating In Girdle and Seamed Nylon Stockings Sex

Raunchy brunette MILF Marlyn strips down to her girdle and nylon stockings and masturbates with a large dildo in this latest movie at Vintage Flash.

Marlyn is an all natural MILF with natural tits and a perfect figure that looks great in her girdle, which clings to her hips and stretches with every movement of her sexy curves.

She has a nice surprise for those who like ‘old fashioned pussy’ and lifts her tight pencil skirt to show you the triangle of her trimmed hairy muff.

Lovers of ladies in girdles will enjoy seeing Marlyn as she gets on her knees and lasciviously displays her girdled ass, stockinged thighs and naked pussy in full view.

Having teased you by showing off her legs, ass and pussy in several provocative positions, Marlyn concludes with some good old fashioned pussy pounding by stuffing a big fat dildo up her cunt and masturbating till she climaxes in her girdle and stockings.

Watch Marlyn spread her stockinged legs and naked cunt as she masturbates to orgasm in this full length movie ‘Hairy Muff Girdle Gal’ at Vintage Flash.

Hot student in stockings seduces her teacher

Teacher fucks his student in suspenders and stockings at Love Nylons
Teacher feels up his pupil’s skirt and fucks her in suspenders and stockings at Love Nylons

Hot student Renee teases her music teacher by wearing her short plaid skirt and fashion stockings, then lets him fuck her senseless over the piano.

Music student Renee had a crush on her piano teacher Mr. Monty, but he didn’t appear to notice how much she was attracted to him, even though she had tried to make it obvious with a few flirting gestures.

So one afternoon she arrived at the lesson wearing a tight red corset top, short plaid skirt, patterned fashion stockings, and matching garter-belt and panties, in the hope she would get his full attention.

Renee needn’t have worried as Mr. Monty complimented her on her sexy outfit, then began lifting her flirty skirt and feeling up her panties and stocking covered thighs, telling her how wonderful she looked.

She did not resist his advances, allowing his playful hands to wander and do just what they liked, touching her slit through her pretty panties and feeling his fingers brush over her nylon clad thighs.

One thing led to another and she undid his trouser fly, releasing his stiff cock, wanking it with her gentle fist closed around the pulsing shaft, tugging back the foreskin over the purple head of his erect member.

She got a thrill when he put his cock between her ass cheek and the tight strap of her garter-belt and then fucked it, his hot erection rubbing against the soft roundness of her ass.

After all this excitement she went down on him, taking her teacher’s pulsing cock into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around his nob end and bobbed her head, looking up at him with innocent eyes to see how she was doing by gaging the pleasure on his face.

Then she stood up, turned around and tilted her exposed ass in the air, inviting him to give her a lick. Her teacher went down on his knees and started lick her cunt, sucking the folds of her vagina and sticking his tongue up her wet slit, making her squirm as he ran his hands up and down her stockinged legs.

Then he stood up and entered her from behind, fucking her over the piano with vigorous thrusts of his hips, making her feel his cock plunge deep inside her.

Yes, Renee knew she had certainly got her teacher’s attention and to show her gratitude she gobbled him off and let him release his spunk into her hot eager mouth.

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Abigail Toyne – Secretary In Glasses Masturbating In Sexy Nylon Stockings


Six years after her first appearance on Suburban Amateurs it’s great to see the return of Abigail Toyne as a sexy secretary stripping down to her nylon stockings and lingerie and masturbate in her office.

Abigail looks a hot and sexy secretary, especially wearing those glasses as she sits at her desk and gives some great views of her stocking tops.

Then she lets us see the backs of her seamed stockings and the firm round cheeks of her ass as she poses with her dress pulled up around her waist.

Abigail then removes her white blouse and reveals she is wearing some matching pink and black lingerie, consisting of bra, suspender belt and black panties.

After stripping off her bra and panties, Abigail gets down on the floor and poses with her seamed stockinged legs in the air, pulling her arse cheeks apart and fingering her pretty pussy.

See Abigail Toyne stripping and masturbating in her black seamed stockings in her (120 image) pic set and video at Suburban Amateurs.

Horny Housewife In Nylon Stockings & Suspenders Fucks A Huge Black Dildo

Muriel dressed in satin, seamed stockings and suspenders, masturbates with a huge black dildo here at Lacy Nylons.

Muriel was so excited by her new black dildo which had arrived in the post that morning, she dressed in her favorite satin blouse, skirt, seamed nylons and heels, because she wanted to make her date with her new toy something special.

The size of the thing was huge, and Muriel’s pussy was already feeling moist just looking at the big black cock as it stood erect on her coffee table.

She admired it’s shape and girth as she ran her hands over her stockinged legs and ass, imagining all the fun she could have with this big black monster cock!

Stripping out of her skirt in front of her eternally erect plaything, Muriel then positioned herself over the monster prick and squatted down so the thick black cockhead slowly penetrated her pussy.

Muriel felt the huge cock stretch the walls of her cunt wide as it slipped deep inside her lubricated fuck hole, but soon felt comfortable with the fat cock filling her pussy.

Pulling her ass cheeks apart, she began to ride up and down on the huge black cock, looking down at the monster penis between her stockinged legs as it slipped inside her pussy hole.

Muriel watched her suspenders stretching at the tops of her seamed nylon stockings as she rode her new toy, feeling waves of pleasure as the huge black cock plunged in and out of her throbbing cunt.

Stockings Housewife Fucked By Male Lingerie Salesman

Stockings Housewife Fucked By Male Lingerie Salesman
Stockings Housewife Fucked By Male Lingerie Salesman

Stockings housewife gets fucked in her nylons by the handsome lingerie salesman in this movie from Nylon Stockings Sluts.

Sam had arranged to meet the rep from the Exclusive Lingerie Company at her home, and was surprised to discover that the rep who calls round is a handsome male salesman.

She invites him into her living room where he immediately starts to show her his range of seamed nylons and foundation wear.  When Sam picks out a fabulous silver and black basque to wear, the salesman is more than happy to help her try it on, along with some beautiful chocolate colored nylon stockings.

Sam soon realizes that this guy is all about customer satisfaction… especially when she undoes his zip and discovers he has an enormous cock!

Sam is so in love with the salesman’s cock she wraps her nyloned feet around his erect tool and gives it a good wank, rubbing the throbbing shaft with her nylon soles. Then she leans forward and puts that rock hard fuck stick in her mouth and gives it a nice wet sucking, while the guy feels up her suspendered ass.

In return, our salesman slips his head between Sam’s stockinged thighs, and gives her pussy a good licking, before turning her over and fingering her cunt while he licks her tight little arse hole.

Sam lies on her back with her stockinged legs in the air, and the salesman gives her good hard pounding with his huge erection, making sure he finds time to suck on her nylon clad feet.

Sam can’t get enough of this guy’s huge penis, and urging him to fuck her nice and hard, he obliges her by thrusting his swollen cock into her hot and eager quim.

When it’s time for him to deliver her free order of spunk, Sam holds one of the stockings over her mouth and the salesman shoots a big thick load onto the nylon…


Natalia Masturbating In Seamed Nylon Stockings & Suspenders Video

Hot UK Model Natalia Wanking In Seamed Nylons In Nylon Stocking Sluts Video

Natalia dressed in her favorite fully-fashioned nylon stockings, peep toe stilettos and new short dress in preparation for her boyfriend coming round to give her a good fucking, but he canceled their date.

Feeling really horny in her sexy underwear, Natalia decides to put on a show just for you, starting with some fabulous close up views as she caresses her stockinged feet and legs, allowing you to look up her dress at her naked pussy and admire the curves of her pert little ass.

Standing in a black girdle with taut suspender straps stretched over her soft shapely bottom down to the tops of her seamed stockings, Natalia reaches behind with both hands and spreads her arse cheeks nice and wide to give a perfect view of both her sex holes.

Laying back with her seamed stockinged legs lifted up in the air, Natalia shoves three fingers up her pussy, fucking herself deep and fast, opening up her gaping cunt to let you see right inside her pink moist fuckhole.

Natalia then lays on her side, stretching her legs to give you a superb view of the backseam of her full-fashioned nylons as she inserts a dildo inside her hot throbbing cunt.

Kneeling on all fours, Natalia uses her spare hand to stretch her bum cheek as she rams the dildo up her cunt and reaches a satisfying stocking climax.


Kayla Masturbates In Her Nylon Stockings & Panties

Kayla masturbating in nylon stockings and sheer panties at vfacademy

Kayla masturbates in the classroom in her nylon stockings and panties in this video at VF Academy.

Kayla is in trouble for bringing sex toys to school and has been kept back after class as punishment.

Sitting on her own at the desk, Kayla tells us the story of how she got into trouble, but she’s soon distracted by the attention we are paying to her stockinged legs.

‘I’m allowed to wear stockings now, so much sexier than my socks’, she tell us. ‘Look at this lovely seam up the back’, she adds, tracing her fingers up the sexy black line running up the back of her shapely leg.

Feeling hot, Kayla takes off her blouse and bra to show off her pert brown titties.

Then sitting on her chair in her skirt, she opens her legs to give us a view of her panties, stockings and suspenders.

The slit of her lovely cunt shows through the sheer nylon mesh of her white panties, and Kayla shows us how she likes to masturbate with her hands down her cute knickers.

See Kyla masturbating in her stockings and panties in her 16 minute video – ‘Breaktime Pleasures’ at VF Academy, the school for naughty girls in nylons.

Sasha Cane – Sexy Schoolgirl Masturbating In Black Suspenders, Seamed Nylon Stockings And Heels

Sasha Cane - Sexy Schoolgirl Masturbating In Black Suspenders, Seamed Nylon Stockings And Heels At VF Academy
Sexy Schoolgirl Sasha Cane masturbates in her black suspenders, seamed nylon stockings and heels in this video at VF Academy

Sasha was caught lifting her skirt and showing the boys her sexy black nylon stockings, suspenders and panties, so has been sent to stay in detention for the rest of the afternoon.

Sitting on the edge of the teacher’s desk, she runs her hands up her slender legs in fully-fashioned stockings and gives you a look right up her skirt at the crotch of her sheer nylon knickers.

Feeling turned on by her exhibitionism, she unzips her pleated skirt and lets it slide down her seamed stockinged legs to the floor, revealing she is wearing a sexy black suspender belt that clings to the shape of her hips, pulling her buttocks tightly together.

Sasha rubs her hands over the front of her panties to give her pussy a feel, then removing her bra she tweaks and rolls the erect brown nipples of her firm, round tits between the tips of her fingers.

Standing in her high heels she gives a rear view of the taut suspenders attached to the tops of her nylon stockings as she bends over and pulls her black knickers down her shapely legs.

Climbing on top of the teacher’s desk, Sasha kneels with her fabulous bum tilted upwards so that her arse and pussy are in full view, then reaches between her legs and gives her teen cunt a good rub.

Inserting her fingers between the lips of her moist pussy she masturbates in that position, the puckered ring of her arse and slit of her pussy in full view and all nicely framed by her naughty garterbelt and seamed nylon stockings.