British MILF Masturbating In Sexy Seamed Nylon Stockings, Suspenders And Heels

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Sep 212013
English MILF Holly Kiss Wanking In Seamed Nylon Stockings, Suspenders And Heels At Vintage Flash

British MILF Holly Kiss pulls down her panties and masturbates in seamed nylon stockings, suspenders and heels at Vintage Flash

Holly was waiting for the guy she had arranged to have a date with to arrive, and knowing he had a particular liking for ladies in sexy nylon stockings, she had deliberately dressed to make an impression on him.

Wearing a polka-dot dress, tan nylon stockings and open-toed, ‘fuck me’ heels, she hoped her outfit would get him excited and result in her getting a good fuck by the end of the evening.

Getting all dressed up like that in her chic dress and finest stockings made her feel quite excited, and as she still had some time before her man arrived, she decided to have a little play.

Holly opened her legs and the webbing of her suspenders stretched over her thighs and pulled on the tops of her tan nylon stockings, as she rubbed the slit of her pussy and teased her clitoris through the front of her sheer nylon panties.

Taking off her dress revealed she was wearing a vintage, long line bra, then stripping it away she lifted the fleshy mounds of her nice big tits and squeezed them in her hands.

Holly knelt on the sofa and tilted her ass upward, giving a view of her pussy sheathed in sheer panties and her taut suspenders attached by metal clasps to the tops of her seamed nylon stockings.

‘So do you think he’ll fuck me in this?’ Holly asked, as she slipped her hand down the front of her panties and rubbed her hot pussy behind the sexy, sheer nylon. ‘I can just imagine you peeling away my panties, bending me over and shoving your great, big, cock into me.’


Sep 162010

Mistress Sabrina teases on the bed in her nylon stockings and suspender belt and commands you lick her ass, in this movie from Sabrina’s Slaves.

If you’ve ever wanted to be dominated or fucked by an attractive female in stockings then Sabrina is looking for new recruits. She not only punishes her slaves, but also rewards them with looks her her panties and the occasional sexual favour.

Sabrina’s Slaves is a female domination site unlike any other, as she does not despise men like so many other mistresses, but genuinely loves to tease them in her stockings, both in real life and in her movies.

So would you like to run your tongue up her nylon stockings, lick her metal suspender clasps and then push your tongue deep inside her ass and pussy, or not?

Sabrina loves a man who knows what his tongue and mouth is for, so read more about Sabrina and what she likes here at Sabrina’s Slaves.

Blonde Bombshell Porchia’s Stocking Striptease

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Jan 072009

Smoking hot blonde Porchia W., strips out of her mini dress and reveals she is wearing expensive lingerie and sheer tan stockings in this photo strip set from Only Tease.

Blonde bombshell Porchia knows she is the business and always dresses in the sexiest clothes whenever she goes out socializing. She couldn’t help but notice all the guys at the club had been looking at her ass in that tight dress all evening. They must certainly have seen the very obvious outline of her suspender garter belt straps through the material of that slinky gold dress.

Playing the game of seduction, she made sure the hem of her dress was pulled slightly higher over her thighs and the tops of her nylons showed as she sat chatting to her friends. Porchia enjoyed the attention she attracted and the arousing effect this had on all the men who noticed what she had on display.

Back in the privacy of her apartment, Porchia is ready to relax and starts to remove her clothes. Her dress soon finds it way to the ground and she poses in just her satin thong, stretch garter belt and tan colored stockings. Sitting back down, Porchia folds up her legs on the couch and points her pretty feet in stockings, wiggling her toes sheathed in their smooth nylon encasement.

It’s a beautiful sight and you can see lots more of Porchia at Only Tease, where you get to see what every male at the dance club was fantasizing about when they saw Porchia this evening.

Roni is a sexy housewife in girdle and stockings.

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Jul 172008


Click here to see Roni at home in her girdle and stockings

One thing I really appreciate about Roni is seeing her in girdles, not only because she looks so sexy and glamorous, but it’s a real pleasure to see a lady in her girdle. Roni enjoys teasing her fans and understands how these figure hugging garments create an erotic effect, such that if she bends this way and that she can cause the garments to stretch, control and enhance her feminine shape.

In this gallery (above) Roni is not only wearing a tight, open bottomed girdle, but also wearing pantyhose beneath her girdle and nylons. Roni likes to experiment with her stockings and pantyhose and from time to time she occasionally does a ‘double nylon thrill’ for her fans.

The entire photo set of Roni in girdle, stockings and pantyhose is available to members of her site, which if you have not seen yet I highly recommend.

Take a look at her tour for yourself and let her tell you what you’ll discover inside Roni’s Paradise.