Lady Sonia – Busty Secretary In Suspenders and Black Seamed Nylon Stockings

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Nov 012015
2015 Lady Sonia Busty Mature Secretary In Suspenders and Seamed Nylon Stockings

Busty secretary Lady Sonia is waiting for you in her office dressed in in suspenders and black seamed nylon stockings

Lady Sonia often gets bored in the office all by herself, and when she gets bored her high sex drive kicks in and she feels a desperate need to be a COMPLETE SLUT for a total stranger!

Now that YOU have walked into her office perhaps she can show you what she gets up to while there isn’t anyone else about. Dressed in her sexy nylon stockings and suspenders, Sonia will get her huge tits out and play with them while she tells you exactly what it is that she wants to do with you!

“Are you a leg man? I hope you are, because I only ever wear fully-fashioned stockings,” Sonia says, lifting up the back of her tight pencil skirt to give you a look at the tops of her nylons and the line of the contrast seam running up the back of her shapely legs.

“I will show you EVERYTHING that you want to see… You only need to ask, and I will be your complete SLUT! Your very own personal MILF Fuck Toy!” Sonia says, so willing to be a dirty slut for your pleasure and desperate to watch you wank your cock, while she strips off and masturbates on the desk in her slutty fully-fashioned nylons and suspenders.

“Please let me see your cock… If you show me your cock I will show you EVERYTHING that you want to see… I promise!”


Boss Has Sex In The Office With His Secretary In Nylon Stockings And Suspenders

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Dec 012013
Horny secretary has sex in the office in sheer panties, nylon stockings and suspenders

Horny boss Sir Prodder fulfills his fantasy of having sex in the office with his secretary in her nylon stockings and suspenders

Local MP, Sir Anthony Wedgwood Prodder invited his personal secretary Sally Taylor into his office to inform her that he would be dispensing with her services due to cutbacks.

Sally was not pleased when he explained that his wife would be taking over her role as secretary, so she reminded him that she knew all about his dodgy expense claims in his official capacity as a member of parliament.

Sir Anthony was outraged at her attempted blackmail and dragged Miss Taylor over his desk to administer a spanking to her firm round arse. But this slutty seamed stockinged secretary was not so easily intimidated and knew exactly how to wrap this pathetic parliamentary pussy around her little finger.

Agreeing to all of Miss Taylor’s monetary requests in order to buy her silence, he offered to pay her cash if she kept her mouth shut about his dodgy expense claims. But in having to pay her out of his own pocket, he wanted more that just her silence…

Sir Anthony had always fancied his secretary and seeing her parading around the office in her seamed nylon stockings had driven him wild with thoughts of how he’d like to fuck the dirty bitch.

Feeling humiliated and angry at his bossy secretary and her demands, he pushed her over the desk and stripped off her tight fitting skirt so he could get a proper look at what she was wearing underneath. Sure enough, the sexy slut was wearing black, sheer nylon panties and a sexy basque; the long suspenders with their metal clasps stretching over her thighs pulling taut on the tops of her tan fully-fashioned nylons.

Sir Anthony, now filled with pure lust at the sight of his secretary’s secret underwear, pulled her knickers down and spreading the cheeks of her arse he buried his face between her stocking clad thighs and gave her pierced clit a damn good licking. His slavering tongue moved around her juicy lips and flickered over her throbbing clitoris, then he slipped a couple of fingers right up her mature snatch and reamed her sloshing cunt.

Sally loved the attention her boss was giving to her pussy, so returning the favour she got down on her knees and began slobbering all over his cock as he sat back in the chair. Her lascivious tongue glided up and down his shaft and she sucked on his bell-end with her hot, wet mouth wrapped around the thick knob, until he almost almost came.

Sally then stood up and shoving her tits right in her boss’s face, grasped his stiff cock in her hand and rapidly jerked off it off until he shot several ropes of hot thick cum all over the front of his trousers.


Blonde Secretary In Fully-Fashioned Nylon Stockings Gives Her Boss A Foot Job

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Apr 272013

Stockings Blonde In Black Seamed Nylons and Red Suspenders Teases With Her Feet In Heels

Angel’s boss loves seeing her wearing silky soft and shiny, fully-fashioned nylon stockings which she always wears at work. She knows they he gets turned on just by looking at her legs in seamed nylons and heels and the rasping sound her nylons make as she sits at the desk and rubs her legs together.

Together they play a game of tease while they work and she lets him admire her legs but not touch and she enjoys knowing he is getting aroused by the sight of her stockings. The erotic tension builds up as they continue to behave as if she hasn’t noticed him looking at her legs, but she encourages his desire by pulling her skirt back over her thighs and exposing the tops of her stockings.

Eventually, when they have finished their tasks for the morning, she gives her boss relief by taking his cock in her wet mouth and sucking on the dome of his bell-end. Then his favorite part, where she takes one of her stockings and pulls the stretched nylon over his cock and wanks him off with deft movements of her hand gripping his shaft.

The pleasure is exquisite as his secretary masturbates his cock inside her stocking, and he almost cums when she puts her mouth around his cock head and he feels her warm, wet tongue licking the tip of his penis through the nylon.

Finally she wraps her feet and shoes around his cock and gives him a foot job, then when he is ready to cum he wanks his cock and spunks over her mules and the sperm soaks in the toes of her stockinged feet.


Sabrina In Nylon Stockings Suspenders & Panties

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Aug 142010

sabrina's stockings copper seamed nylons suspenders

Naughty housewife Sabrina knows we like looking up her skirt and see her wearing seamed fully-fashioned nylons, suspenders and panties.

Sabrina has a range of videos which show her doing her housework, making sure we get a good look at what she is wearing as she bends forward, or adjusts her suspenders attached to the tops of her nylons.

She doesn’t mind you having a good look up her skirt at all and hopes you’ll enjoy yourself while you’re at it!

See Sabrina doing the laundry wearing her skirt just high enough so you can see her stocking tops movie gallery 1, changing her panties in the office movie gallery 2, or more of her teasing in uniforms at Sabrina’s Stockings.

Mistress Trinity Masturbates In Black Nylon Stockings

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Oct 182009
Mistress Trinity Masturbates In Black Nylon Stockings

Mistress Trinity Masturbates In Black Nylon Stockings

Elegantly dressed in white satin blouse and pleated skirt, Mistress Trinity masturbates in black nylon stockings and suspender-garterbelt.

‘I love to dress up in a sophisticated elegant mature style, and here you can see me in my new elegant stockings, shiny satin blouse and long pleated skirt.

‘I feel so sexy dressing up as the tempting MILF for you, it turns me on instantly, and as always I like to masturbate in all my sexy fabrics all dressed up, looking so glamorous.

‘Elegantly smoking, opening my stockinged legs, I give you a perfect view up my skirt, and directly at the soles of my nylon covered feet.

‘I love getting myself off through silky sexy fabrics, rubbing my swollen clit through the silky material and fingering my pussy while you watch.’

Trinity loves to dress up for sex wearing shiny satin blouses, bras, vintage girdles, sexy satin waist cinchers and of course lots of nylon stockings.

See Trinity masturbating in stockings and satin in these flash videos.

Seductive Secretary At Play In Nylon Stockings

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Aug 072009
Seductive Secretary Attaches Garter To Her Nylon Stockings

Seductive Secretary Attaches Garter To Her Nylon Stockings

Seductive secretary Salome shows up at the office again, wearing those sexy sheer nylon stockings and high heels.

This voluptuous, long haired lovely, has a cute bubble butt and legs that look so attractive in stockings and heels.

She likes to parade around the office in her swish skirt, going from desk to filing cabinet, then back again. You can’t help but notice those stockinged legs, calling you, commanding your attention.

At lunch time Salome locks the door of her private office, and runs her hands over her legs, smoothing the nylon of those barely black stockings, and reattaching her suspenders to the nylon tops.

Such sensual actions causes Salome to feel aroused, so she lifts her skirt to admire her sexy underwear, then plays with her pussy through her tight, red panties.

Nylon performance is always provocative and appealing, and female legs encased in lush stockings have this inexplicable magnetic effect.

At Lacy Nylons will you see heart-stopping girls clad in all kinds of luxury, tight fitting nylons and involved in sensual play.

See more exquisite nylon seductions, and sensual scenes of girls clad in luxury stockings, only at Lacy Nylons.

Secretary Sabrina’s Stockings And Suspenders Striptease

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Sep 142008

Sabrina is a Londoner who genuinely loves to wear fully-fashioned nylons stockings when she is out and about, including when she is at work.

A temp-secretary by day, she has her very own site Sabrina’s Stockings where she likes to show off her legs clad in lovely ff-nylons, always supported by multi-strap suspender belts (what else, eh?). She likes dressing in various uniforms, including nurse, maid and in her smart office clothes, then makes sure you can see what she is wearing underneath.

Sabrina’s site will appeal to those who enjoy looking upskirts, so take a look at this video of her kneeling as she cleans the floor, and get a good look at her stocking tops as her tunic rides up, I think you’ll like it.