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Kelly Fox Is Gagging For Anal In Black Nylon Stockings

kelly fox sexy uniformed schoolgirl in black seamed nylon stockings and suspenders fingering her ass hole video

Kelly has just got back from spending two hours in detention, and confesses she put on a sexy striptease show for the caretaker while they were alone together in the classroom.

She’s feeling even hornier now after having stripped down to her stockings and masturbated right in front of him.

After seeing the caretaker’s big erection as he wanked himself off, she wonders what it would be like to have a nice big cock like that, right up her ass!

‘All I can think about is someone putting their big fat cock in my arse!’ She tells us, as she strokes her hands over her seamed stockinged legs. ‘I bet it feels so good in my tight little arsehole!’

Kelly has a very dirty imagination and she describes how she wishes the caretaker could be here right now, so he could lick her arse hole and then fuck her up the ass with his big fat cock!

‘I love sucking dick, deep in the back of my throat’, Kelly tells us, as she unbuttons her crisp white blouse. ‘You should get your dick out for me,’ she suggests. ‘Unzip your trousers and pull out your big dick, and stroke it for me!’

Kelly tells us her dirty fantasies as she removes her uniform and fingers both her ass and pussy at the same time. Working her digit up her tight bum hole as she talks dirty, Kelly gives herself an anal orgasm, urging you to take your cock and ‘cum in her ass!’

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Schoolgirl Masturbates In Black Nylon Stockings & Suspenders

Ruby Red
Ruby Red Masturbates In Black Nylon Stockings & Suspenders

Schoolgirl Ruby Red strips down to her black nylon stockings and masturbates in the classroom in this Vintage Flash Academy Movie.

The St. Trinian’s films from the 1950’s have always been favorite movies of mine, and those ‘senior girls’, dressed in their full-fashioned nylons and heels, have always been something of a fantasy.

There are few (if any) sites that actually live up to this fantasy of schoolgirls in fully-fashioned nylons and traditional school uniforms. Until now that is…

Vintage Flash Academy (VF Academy) is the ultimate site featuring models in genuine school uniforms, knickers, panties, ff-nylon stockings and suspenders, teasing, stripping and masturbating in explicit detail.

Members of Vintage Flash have already got to know these saucy minxes, as VF Academy is included in the members area, and the reaction to seeing these naughty girls in their stockings, suspenders and panties has been very positive indeed.

New movies of girls stripping off their uniforms and masturbating (each of which is about 15 minutes) are added each week, and every movie comes with it’s own full picture set.

Now the doors of this academy are now open to all, so cum on in and see more sample videos of these outrageous girls pulling down their panties and getting down and dirty at Vintage Flash Academy.

Ms Rouge And Samantha Have Nylon Stocking Sex In The Classroom At VF Academy

Schoolgirl With Knickers Down Spanked In Black Nylon Stockings Lesbian Cunt Licking Video

Samantha and her teacher Ms Rouge strip down to their nylon stockings and suspenders, then give each other’s pussies a good licking in this video at VF Academy.

Naughty academy girl Samantha adjusts her suspenders, making sure they are attached to the tops of her black nylon stockings.

She attracts the attention of her teacher Ms Rouge, who checks to see if Samantha’s stocking tops are in place. However, noticing her pupil is wearing sexy nylon panties instead of regulation knickers, she punishes the naughty girl by spanking her bottom.

Interested to know what Ms Rouge is wearing under her skirt, Samantha undresses her teacher down to her bra, suspender belt and stockings. Then she pulls out Ms Rouge’s huge titties from her bra and gives her erect nipples a good sucking, leaving traces of pink lipstick spread over the brown aureoles.

Ms Rouge is so turned on she gets her head down between Samantha’s stockinged thighs to lick her pupil’s damp knickers and finger her moist pussy.

Both teacher and pupil get carried away in a lustful exchange of cunt licking, which leads them both to intense orgasms as they pleasure each other in their stockings and suspenders.


Prim Uniformed College Girl In Black Seamed Nylon Stockings

vfacademy prim uniform college girl in black seamed nylon stockings

Cute college girl Kiana may appear to be a bit of a nice shy type on the outside, but under her prim and proper exterior you’ll find she has a rebellious streak.

Slim and pale skinned, this nyloned teen temptress is happy to lift her skirt and show you her white cotton panties, seamed nylon stockings and suspenders.

Stripping out of her crisp white blouse and pretty polka dot bra, Kiana reveals her cute flat titties are pierced through both of her pink nipples.

Kiana slips out of her pleated skirt and then pulls her cotton panties down so she can show you her soft rounded ass and sweet teen pussy.

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Naughty Schoolgirl In Uniform Masturbating In White Panties, Black Nylon Stockings And Heels

Naughty schoolgirl in uniform wanking in white panties, sexy black nylon stockings and heels video

Schoolgirl Kelly had been studying at home and was bored of doing her homework, so she decided to relax and masturbate with her extra large dildo.

Kelly ran her hands over her slender legs in their sheer, black nylon stockings, then hiked up her skirt to rub her pussy through the tight cotton gusset of her white cotton panties to get herself excited. She then slipped her hand down the front of her panties and frigged herself off, her hand moving in a rapid rhythm behind the cotton material of her pantie crotch.

Unbuttoning her blouse revealed she was wearing a sexy lace bra which she then unhooked to uncover her big boobs and hard nipples already erect with arousal. Then lifting her bum off the floor, she pulled her knickers out from under her ass and down her stockinged legs. Having removed her knickers she held them up to her face for a quick sniff of her cunt scent, then lay back with her stockinged legs apart and spread the lips of her juicy pussy.

Kelly took her big dildo and pressed the head against the moist opening of her pussy. Thrusting it between the fleshy lips, the thick shaft slipped inside her lubricated cunt with some ease. Then turning the vibro on to buzz she worked the cock like object up the tight hole of her throbbing cunt and brought herself off to an intense climax.


Kayla Masturbates In Her Nylon Stockings & Panties

Kayla masturbating in nylon stockings and sheer panties at vfacademy

Kayla masturbates in the classroom in her nylon stockings and panties in this video at VF Academy.

Kayla is in trouble for bringing sex toys to school and has been kept back after class as punishment.

Sitting on her own at the desk, Kayla tells us the story of how she got into trouble, but she’s soon distracted by the attention we are paying to her stockinged legs.

‘I’m allowed to wear stockings now, so much sexier than my socks’, she tell us. ‘Look at this lovely seam up the back’, she adds, tracing her fingers up the sexy black line running up the back of her shapely leg.

Feeling hot, Kayla takes off her blouse and bra to show off her pert brown titties.

Then sitting on her chair in her skirt, she opens her legs to give us a view of her panties, stockings and suspenders.

The slit of her lovely cunt shows through the sheer nylon mesh of her white panties, and Kayla shows us how she likes to masturbate with her hands down her cute knickers.

See Kyla masturbating in her stockings and panties in her 16 minute video – ‘Breaktime Pleasures’ at VF Academy, the school for naughty girls in nylons.

Naughty Schoolgirl Pulls Down Her Knickers And Masturbates In Black Nylon Stockings

Scarlet Lovatt Dirty Schoolgirl Pulling Down Her Knickers To Masturbate In Her Sexy Black Nylon Stockings and Suspenders Video

Naughty schoolgirl Scarlet pulls down her knickers and masturbates in her black nylon stockings in this video at VF Academy.

Scarlet was studying her course work when she notices you looking at her sexy legs in black nylon stockings and high heels.

Lifting up her uniform dress, she lets you have a better look at the array of metal suspender clasps firmly attached to the tops of her sexy stockings.

She smiles with naughty pleasure as she unbuttons her blouse and plays with her big boobs, smoothing her hands over their silky roundness and brushing the nipples with her fingers.

Scarlett takes off her dress and looking back over sher shoulder, she bends slightly and pulls her knickers down over the bumps of her saucy suspenders.

Kneeling on the floor she presents her pussy in full view, nicely framed by the straps of her suspenders stretching round the buttocks of her naked ass.

Scarlet then rubs her hot clitoris and inserting her fingers into the open slit of her hot pussy, she vigorously wanks herself off to a satisfying climax.

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Sasha Cane – Sexy Schoolgirl Masturbating In Black Suspenders, Seamed Nylon Stockings And Heels

Sasha Cane - Sexy Schoolgirl Masturbating In Black Suspenders, Seamed Nylon Stockings And Heels At VF Academy
Sexy Schoolgirl Sasha Cane masturbates in her black suspenders, seamed nylon stockings and heels in this video at VF Academy

Sasha was caught lifting her skirt and showing the boys her sexy black nylon stockings, suspenders and panties, so has been sent to stay in detention for the rest of the afternoon.

Sitting on the edge of the teacher’s desk, she runs her hands up her slender legs in fully-fashioned stockings and gives you a look right up her skirt at the crotch of her sheer nylon knickers.

Feeling turned on by her exhibitionism, she unzips her pleated skirt and lets it slide down her seamed stockinged legs to the floor, revealing she is wearing a sexy black suspender belt that clings to the shape of her hips, pulling her buttocks tightly together.

Sasha rubs her hands over the front of her panties to give her pussy a feel, then removing her bra she tweaks and rolls the erect brown nipples of her firm, round tits between the tips of her fingers.

Standing in her high heels she gives a rear view of the taut suspenders attached to the tops of her nylon stockings as she bends over and pulls her black knickers down her shapely legs.

Climbing on top of the teacher’s desk, Sasha kneels with her fabulous bum tilted upwards so that her arse and pussy are in full view, then reaches between her legs and gives her teen cunt a good rub.

Inserting her fingers between the lips of her moist pussy she masturbates in that position, the puckered ring of her arse and slit of her pussy in full view and all nicely framed by her naughty garterbelt and seamed nylon stockings.


Kimmy Haze College Rebel In Black Stockings and Suspenders


VF-Academy’s Kimmy Haze is a bit of a rebel and is often getting into trouble for letting the guy’s at the local college see up her skirt or using sexually explicit language.

Kept behind in detention for using the ‘C’ word again, Kimmy is none too pleased with her teacher.

‘She thinks I don’t know what a cunt is. I’ve got one myself, it’s right there look… Would you like to see it?’

Sitting astride the desk, Kimmy lifts her school skirt and points right at the crotch of her black see-through panties.

Feeling in a horny mood, Kimmy decides she’ll just have to entertain herself in the way she usually does, as she knows the teacher won’t be back for a good while.

Lifting her dress and standing in her black stockings and suspenders, Kimmy slips her hands down her panties and starts rubbing her hot clitty. Then with cunt juice on her fingers she deliberately wipes them on the desk so the teacher will get a a good whiff of her pussy later, without knowing where it’s coming from.

Stripping off her restrictive uniform, Kimmy shows just how naughty she is and gets down to more pussy play… Removing her panties, she spreads her stockinged legs and fingers her moist cunt causing it squelch as she sticks her fingers in and out.

Hear Kimmy taking dirty and watch as she masturbates to a satisfying orgasm in her movie ‘Kimmy – Using the ‘C’ Word’ at VF Academy.

Lesbian Sex Lessons In Nylon Stockings

Ms Rouge VF Academy

Top students Sasha and Vicki arrive at Ms Rouge’s class for an extra-curricular lesson in sexual education. Both star pupils have such good grades, she has decided they qualify for an advance lesson in ‘Lesbianism’.

Ms Rouge removes their skirts until they are standing in their stockings and suspenders, and inspects their knickers. Though she is pleased to see they are wearing the school’s regulation panties, she still finds an excuse to spank their pert arses.

The lesson requires a further practical demonstration of lesbianism, so Ms Rouge undoes her blouse and they both simultaneously lick and nibble her voluptuous titties.

The actions of her passionate pupils as they stimulate her nipples makes her swoon with pleasure, and the girls seize the opportunity to turn the table on their teacher.

They strip Ms Rouge out of her clothes until she is left standing in her girdle, nylons and heels. Then they push her over the desk, laughing as they spank and cane her tight, girdle clad bottom.

Moving on to the next stage of the lesson, Ms Rouge gets the girls to take turns at cunt, clit and ass licking each other.

It ends up in a three-way orgy on the desk, with both girls pleasuring Ms Rouge in her girdle and nylons and forcing her to orgasm.

Lots of cunt and ass licking in girdles, suspenders and nylons in this superb movie from VF Academy. It’s Hot!