Mar 082013
Brook Logan - Sexy Blonde Schoolgirl Masturbates In Wrinkled Seamed Nylon Stockings And Suspenders Video At Vintage Flash

Sexy Blonde Schoolgirl Brook Logan Masturbates In Her Wrinkled Seamed Nylon Stockings And Suspenders At Vintage Flash

Sexy blonde schoolgirl Brook was laying on her bed with her legs open showing off her white cotton knickers, stockings tops and suspenders under her short skirt when she notices you looking at her panties.

Pretending to be shocked at you staring at her knicker crotch, the little cocktease doesn’t try to hide the view up her skirt, but lays there grooming her long blonde hair enjoying the attention you are giving to her sexy panties.

Brook then slips her fingers inside her panties and plays with her pussy with her hand hidden behind the material of her cotton knickers, then kneels on the bed so her ass is tilted upwards for a view of her panties pulled tight around the mound of her sweet teen pussy.

Standing, she lifts up her skirt for a view of her white cotton knickers framed by the webbing of her garter belt and the tops of her black nylon stockings. She then strips out of her uniform and kneels once more on the bed to give a rear view of her seamed nylon stockings and suspenders as she tugs down her panties.

Still kneeling with her ass in the air and the puckered ring of her ass on view, she slips several fingers inside her hot pussy and finger fucks her tight teen pussy until she orgasms in an intense climax.


Jun 272010


VF-Academy’s Kimmy Haze is a bit of a rebel and is often getting into trouble for letting the guy’s at the local college see up her skirt or using sexually explicit language.

Kept behind in detention for using the ‘C’ word again, Kimmy is none too pleased with her teacher.

‘She thinks I don’t know what a cunt is. I’ve got one myself, it’s right there look… Would you like to see it?’

Sitting astride the desk, Kimmy lifts her school skirt and points right at the crotch of her black see-through panties.

Feeling in a horny mood, Kimmy decides she’ll just have to entertain herself in the way she usually does, as she knows the teacher won’t be back for a good while.

Lifting her dress and standing in her black stockings and suspenders, Kimmy slips her hands down her panties and starts rubbing her hot clitty. Then with cunt juice on her fingers she deliberately wipes them on the desk so the teacher will get a a good whiff of her pussy later, without knowing where it’s coming from.

Stripping off her restrictive uniform, Kimmy shows just how naughty she is and gets down to more pussy play… Removing her panties, she spreads her stockinged legs and fingers her moist cunt causing it squelch as she sticks her fingers in and out.

Hear Kimmy taking dirty and watch as she masturbates to a satisfying orgasm in her movie ‘Kimmy – Using the ‘C’ Word’ at VF Academy.

Jun 302009
Nylon Sue Masturbates With A Vibro In Her Pantyhose & Stockings

Nylon Sue Masturbates With A Vibro In Her Pantyhose & Stockings

Wrinkled nylons galore for you stocking wrinkle lovers in this set, as Sue gets kinky with her collection of sex nylon stockings and pantyhose.

Wearing Wolford sheer pantyhose under fully-fashioned nylons, allows Sue the freedom to vibe herself ‘hands free’.

Having inserted her vibe up her pussy, Sue lets the front panel of her pantyhose keep it in place.

Now she can move around and feel that vibro slipping up her hot cunt and giving her lots of orgasms.

Totally amazing and well worth a look!

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